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Swedavia Advertising – Global meeting arena for brands and people

Magnifying glass with an eye in it.

High impression value

Consistently high impression values for advertising messages at the airport.


98% of Sweden's air travellers

pass through Swedavia's airports each year.

Three persons.

Target group with good purchasing power

A large percentage of passengers are high- and middle-income earners.

Clock next to a person.

90-minute stay

This offers a unique opportunity to reach this target group on several occasions over a long period.

Four drop shaped points with airplanes in them.

Nationwide reach

Opportunity to advertise with a wide reach, from Kiruna in the north of Sweden to Malmö in the south.

A global meeting arena for millions of people


Swedavia Advertising provides a unique branding arena in an attractive, dynamic environment where people from Sweden and abroad gather.

Each year millions of people travel via Swedavia’s airports. These passengers spend an average of 90 minutes at the airport before their departure. Studies show that people have a more positive view of advertising at airports than in other contexts, which provides opportunities to repeat messages.

Contact Swedavia Advertising and find out about our wide, flexible range of advertising options. We offer a fantastic product mix and a broad geographic reach.



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