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Airport Charges

These are the terms and conditions under which Airport users use our Services at the Airport. If an Airport user uses our Services in any way (including taking off and landing) the Airport user agrees to be bound by these Conditions.

Flygplan på landnings- eller starbana på Visby Airport

Charges and Conditions of services

Swedavia's 10 airports offer a wide range of airport services to support efficient handling of passengers and airlines, on both arrival and departure. For these services Swedavia charge the airlines and the ground handling agents in accordance with EU regulations and Swedish law. The terms and conditions under which Airport users use Swedavia's Services at the Airport are listed in the document Airport Charges and Conditions of Services. If an Airport user uses our Services in any way (including taking off and landing) the Airport user agrees to be bound by these Conditions.

Charges valid from January 1 2023: Airport Charges and Conditions of Services 2023 – pdf

Swedavia also offers the possibility of accounting for SAF-volumes in the CO2 Emission Charge for SAF refueled from 1 January 2022 (on a retroactive basis). Airlines are limited to two applications per year, relating to traffic in 2022, which are sent to trafikfakturering@swedavia.se. Please submit the attached form in full in order to submit an application: SAF CO2 Emission Charge Form 2022 – Word,

For the CO2 Emission Charge in 2023, Swedavia offers the opportunity of registering SAF-volumes on an airline group level as a retroactive adjustment on traffic 2023. Documentation to support the overall blend rate in the network may be sent to trafikfakturering@swedavia.se in between 1 January 2024 to 31 March 2024 with the opportunity to request an extended timeframe.


For non-commercial aircraft with a maxiumum take-off weight of 5,700 kg, it is possible to obtain an annual card. Apply for an annual card here.

Calculate traffic fees - airport charges 2023

Note that calculations only give a price indication. To obtain an accurate price, current certified aircraft data must be provided. All costs provided are indicative. Additional charges for parking and glycol handling and the cost of ground handling may apply. All invoiced charges are due in full.

Departure airport
Aircraft type
Engine type
Weight (MTOW in kg)
Number of engines
Share of Sustainable Aviation Fuel % (Round trip)
Number of seats
Total passengers (0 for a non-passenger flight)
Of which transfer passengers
Amount in SEK
Total (excl. vat)
Amount in SEK
Total (excl. vat)

Ground handling agreements

Swedavia has in accordance with Section 15 of the Swedish Groundhandling Act (Sw. lag (2000:150) om marktjänster) initiated a consultation process in respect of new contractual terms and conditions that Swedavia intends to introduce for groundhandlers conducting groundhandling operations at any of Swedavia's airports.

A draft of the new "Groundhandling Operations Agreement" template has been circulated to all airport users forming part of the airports' "user committees", as well as to all groundhandlers that attended any of the consultation meetings held during 2021. In case your company has not received the draft, please contact AUC-international@swedavia.se at your earliest convenience (the consultation process is currently scheduled to run until 28 February 2022). To view the current ground handling templates, please see Template for Ground handling services (Swedish only) Template for Ground handling services (Swedish only) – pdf, 537 Kb

For more information on Swedavias terms for airport users, please see the section Charges and Conditions of Services.

For any queries regarding ground handling, please contact aviationbusiness@swedavia.se. For charges related queries, please contact consultation@swedavia.se.

Preliminary Consultation Timeline

The meetings and their respective dates set out below are preliminary and Swedavia urges you to always trust information provided in formal invitations.

Meetings and dates

IA-AUC* 1: 15 February 2023

IA-AUC* 2: 4 May 2023

IA-AUC* 3: 4 October 2023 (PM)

RA-AUC**: 4 October 2023 (AM)

Central Consultation Pre-Meeting: 15 June 2023

Central Consultation Meeting 1: 14 September 2023

Central Consultation Meeting 2: 12 October 2023

*Airport user committee forum for Swedavias International Airports (ARN, GOT, BMA, MMX)

**Airport user committee forum for Swedavias Regional Airports (KRN, LLA, UME, OSD, VBY, RNB)


If you would like to be receive an invitation to the meetings above, please contact:

If you would like to be receive an invitation to the meetings above, please contact:

For the Central Consultations: consultation@swedavia.se

For the IA-AUC meetings: auc-international@swedavia.se

For the RA-AUC meeting: consultation@swedavia.se

Apart from the regular consultation meetings, Swedavia has also initiated a separate working group for keeping more in depth dialogues regarding the environmental differentiation of airport charges. For more information regarding this working group and how to participate, please contact consultation@swedavia.se