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Swedavia’s airport charges unchanged 2021

2020-10-30, kl. 12:04

The airport charges in Swedavia’s airport network will be left unchanged 2021 at the same levels applicable 2020. This has been decided by Swedavia following consultations with airlines and ground handling agents during the autumn. Given the great uncertainty in the aviation industry, keeping the charges unchanged is viewed as a measure of creating stable commercial conditions, enabling the industry to recover.

In addition to keeping the individual charges unchanged, Swedavia is also introducing the following adjustments:

  1. Increased time for free aircraft parking at Stockholm Arlanda from two to three hours for all aircrafts exceeding 175 MTOW
  2. Paused traffic- and investment risk sharing models
  3. Adjusted terms in incentive programs for new destinations and growth

Swedavia has also decided to continue the following initiatives which are financed outside of the charge model:

  1. Welcome Back Package – W20/21 for European traffic and W20/21 + S21 for Intercontinental traffic
  2. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Incentive for volumes exceeding a potential national mandate
  3. The possibility of consulting an SLA with financial implications at Stockholm Arlanda

Swedavia’s charges decision is applicable as of 1 January 2021.

Airport users and ground handling agents who require further information on Swedavia’s price decision are welcome to contact consultation@swedavia.se