Report irregularities – whistleblowing

Swedavia strives to maintain an open business climate and high business ethical standards. In our business, we protect the safety of and respect for everyone affected by our operations. Our values and business ethical guidelines provide guidance on how we conduct business and create long-term, sustainable profits. If you see anomalies that could harm other people, the environment or Swedavia, and if you feel that you cannot be open about your information, you can report your concern anonymously.

To ensure your anonymity, the reporting channel is provided by WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre, an external, independent party. The reporting channel is encrypted and protected by a password. You never need to provide your identity if you do not want to.

When can I use the whistleblower function?

The whistleblower function may only be used to report criminal acts that one suspects have been committed, sanctioned or consciously ignored by key individuals or people in executive management positions at Swedavia.

Reports may only involve people in key positions* or in executive management. At Swedavia, this means members of Swedavia's Board of Directors, the CEO, members of Swedavia's Group management team, and members of the management teams for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport and the Regional Airports. This also includes members of the Group's other management teams including the CEO and management group for Swedavia Real Estate AB as well as CEOs of Swedavia's other subsidiaries.

*A key position is considered to be an employee who has the possibility to make critical decisions on his or her own on behalf of the company.

How to file a report

All reports received are handled confidentially by Swedavia's Ethics Council, which consists of the company's chief legal counsel, the internal audit manager and the procurement manager.

When can I use the whistleblower function?

Reports may only concern people in key positions or executive management. At Swedavia, that means:

  • Members of Swedavia's Board of Directors
  • The Swedavia Group's CEO
  • Members of the Group management team
  • Members of the management teams for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport and Regional Airports
  • Members of the management teams for other Group operations
  • The CEO and management team for Swedavia Real Estate AB and the CEOs of Swedavia's other subsidiaries

How to use WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre's channel for anonymous reports online:

Click here to file your report.

You can also access the page by writing:

Enter Swedavia's company code: swedavia

You file a report by following the instructions in the form. When you submit your report, you will receive a personal ID and password shown on the screen. Save them and keep them in a safe place.

Within two weeks, you can log on to WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre's external service,, by using your personal ID and password and see any follow-up questions/comments from Swedavia's Ethics Council.

Click here to follow up on your report.

You will also remain anonymous in the continued dialogue. The report will not be saved but will be deleted once the matter has been settled.

Other ways to submit your report

Whistleblowing Centre
Box 70396
107 24 Stockholm
Write "Swedavia" on the envelope.

E-mail: Write "Swedavia" in the subject line.