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Having a conference at the airport is no real difference from having a conference at any other meeting facility in the country – it is just a touch more convenient. 

The airport is, in many cases, a natural meeting place, and the opportunity to remain in this environment is both easier and less time consuming.

All airports that offer conferencing facilities today offer a professional and calm atmosphere. At the airport, there is the space you need to increase both efficiency and creativity. Our restaurants offer good food and drink covering a range of tastes, and you decide yourselves when and where you want to have your breaks.

Several of our airports also give you the customer the opportunity to combine conferences with useful, exciting and fun activities. How about airport shopping in your breakfast break, a fire drill during lunch or CPR training in your afternoon break? Activities that are certain to bring the group together as well as provide life-long knowledge.


Unfortunately we have to announce that the conference department at Göteborg Landvetter Airport will close February 1, 2017.


Kiruna Airport offers one conference room suitable for up to 20 people. There is also an exhibition hall, Arena Arctica, available for rent.

Organising a conference or meeting is simple at Kiruna Airport. By having your meeting at the airport, you both save time by using less transportation and avoid unnecessary hotel overnight expenses. Kiruna Airport Conference currently has two rooms: Orion and Arena Arctica.


Exhibition hall with seating for 3500 people.

Orion is a fully equipped conference room in a newly renovated setting. The room accommodates groups of up to twenty people, and uses a long table as its standard seating arrangement. Drinks and refreshments can be served either in the restaurant or in the conference room depending on your requirements. Orion is located in the airport building but has its own separate entrance from the parking.

Arena Arctica

Conference room with capacity for 20 people in classroom style.

Arena Arctica is 5,000 square metres large and therefore large enough for a Boeing 747. The event area suits both product launches and such concerts as the Swedish Song Contest. The hangar has heating which means that it can be minus degrees outside but eighteen plus degrees or more inside the building if desired. Here there is space and possibilities for all kinds of gatherings and events. The venue accommodates up to 3,500 people.

For more information and help with planning your event in Arena Arctica, visit www.arenaarctica.com.


At Ronneby Airport we offer one confrerence room accomodating up to 18 people. You can also book a special conference arrangement suitable for both half – and full day meeting.

At Ronneby Airport, you can hold efficient conferences and meetings. You and your guests save both time and money with less transport and fewer hotel nights. It is easy to fly here and return home again as soon as the meeting is finished. Parking is free if you choose to drive to the airport. Conference room, 2-18 people.

Conference packages

Day packages

Conference including equipment, morning coffee, lunch and afternoon snack.
Price: 350 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

Our conference room has such equipment as an interactive SMART board, which allows you to save notes, PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, PDF files, films or web sites straight from the board to then be sent out to all the participants.

Half Day Package

Conference including equipment, morning coffee or afternoon tea and lunch.
Price: SEK 275 per person (excluding VAT)

The conference room include an interactive whiteboard, called a smart board, which allows you to save notes, PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, PDF files, movies or web pages directly from the board, and then email them to all participants.


At Visby Airport there are two conference rooms for meetings accommodating up to 40 people. It is is also the possibility to arrange conferences in the Gotska Galleriet, which accomodates 150 people – well suited to dinners of exhibitions.

Visby Airport Conference offers two different conference rooms: one larger room and one slightly smaller room.

Point Extra, 30-40 people
Hemse, 12 people
Gotska, 150 people

In cooperation with Nya flygrestaurangen Visby Airport also has the possibility to arrange conferences in the Gotska Galleriet one flight up from the restaurant. The room, which accommodates 150 people, is well suited to dinners or exhibitions. During your stay, the airport restaurant takes care of your entire conference needs including everything from requests, price information and showing the room to parking tickets and refreshments during your day.

Åre Östersund

Start your kick-off while you are still at the airport or why not hold a quick meeting before your business trip? Bring together colleagues, partners and customers in a vibrant setting.

Åre Östersund Airport offers everything from inspiring conference venues to lounges with a relaxed atmosphere.


The Åre conference room is located in the airport's magnificent international terminal. Just a few steps from your aircraft, this venue can be convenient for you to use. The Åre conference room can handle a large group of up to 25 people. The venue is equipped with all conceivable technical equipment needed to hold creative and successful conferences and meetings.


The Vemdalen conference room is designed like an aircraft control tower with large windows that have a view over Frösön. The Vemdalen conference room is equipped with all conceivable technical equipment needed to hold creative and successful conferences and meetings.

Event hall

Our event venue is located in the international hall and is the largest venue at the airport. The hall provides seating for up to one hundred people and is also suitable for large events such as trade shows and exhibitions, or why not hold your next company party here? The possibilities are endless.

VIP Lounge

Our VIP Lounge is perfect if you want to socialise and relax for a bit before your departure or after your arrival. We offer a relaxing setting with lovely armchairs where you can enjoy a glass of champagne or a bite to eat in peace and quiet before your holiday or business trip. It's perfect if you want to add a bit of luxury to your trip. The lounge is intended for groups up to 8 people.


You do know that love flourishes at the airport? We offer a civil wedding ceremony and can customise your big moment to suit your wishes and make your day unforgettable.

Food and beverages

You can order food and beverages for all our venues through our FOOD airport restaurant. We offer everything from light snacks to three-course dinners that suit your wishes.

Price list (pdf)

Contact person Swedavia:
Lena Håkansson
+46 (0)10-109 56 02


At Umeå Airport there are four conference rooms accommodating up to 75 people. The rooms ar located near check-in, gate and shopping

The conference floor is located in the airport building which allows proximity to the check-in hall, gates and shopping. Drink and refreshments can either be served in the conference room, the airport restaurant or in the Cabin Lounge which is located next to the conference rooms.


Cockpit is a smaller, but still fully equipped conference room for two to six people. The room has views of both the runway.

12.5 square meters


Cessna is a training and conference rooms in peaceful environment. The room, which fits eight to twelve participants, is furnished in the boardroom.

29.5 square meters

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay is a large and fully equipped conference room with great opportunities for both traditional conference and minor events. The room can accommodate up to 75 people but the standard furnishing approximately 18-35 people.

121 square

Concorde VIP

Concorde VIP has a fantastic view of the runway. The venue is suitable for 12-20 people in board meetings.

49 square

Regular opening hours
Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00


Start your next kick-off directly at the airport, or hold a quick meeting with colleagues before your business trip. Two rooms with accommodating up to twenty people.

With a large number of domestic and international destinations, Malmö Airport is a natural meeting place for travellers in the region. Here it is easy and convenient to gather colleagues, business partners and customers in a setting that is full of life. There are are currently two rooms at the airport accommodating up to twenty people.


The room is furnished with solid U-shaped table for twelve people and a lecturer. Light enters through a window wall and the blackout. The room also has a seating area.

The venue is suitable for a group of up to 20 people.

Number of people
Up to 20.

Standard equipment
Wireless broadband, whiteboard and flipchart.

Book in advance
TV / Video, OH, projector and speaker phone.


The room is furnished with solid conference table for twelve people and a lecturer. Light coming in from a window wall and the blackout. The room also has a seating area.

The venue is suitable for a group of up to twelve people.

Number of people
Up to 12

Standard equipment
LCD projector, wireless broadband, whiteboard, flipchart and analogue telephone line.

Book in advance
TV / Video, OH, slide projector and speaker phone.

Food and drink

During conferences with Malmö Airport Conference you have the possibility to order a breakfast buffet, finger food, a varied range of snacks, or prepare a dinner with the help of the airport chefs.

Tailormade meetings

Perhaps you would like to take advantage of the fact you are having your meeting at the airport. Malmö Airport Conference can arrange, for example, guided tours of the airport and runway. If you have other requests, you are welcome to contact us and let the conference booking team tailormake an experience to suit your company.

Regular opening hours

Telephone hours for bookings and questions, Monday-Friday 09:00-16:00.