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How to apply for permission to take photos or film at one of Swedavia’s ten airports

Swedavia airports are civilian protection objects. To photograph and perform news work at the airports, permission is always required.

Visits in the transit areas, that is the area after the security checkpoint – require an escort. There is a ban on photography at and in the direction of the security checkpoints. In case of an extraordinary event, journalists may be directed to a special area. Taking photos, filming or carrying out journalistic work at the airports always requires permission. This must not affect airport operations, safety or security. The person applying for permission must be the person who will be on site. Many companies and other organisations work at the airport. Permission is also required from them if they are going to take part. The application for permission should also specify the name of the contact person at that company.

Use the form below for your application and apply well in advance, preferably 48 hours before your visit. For urgent requests for permission, please contact Swedavia’s press office at +46 10 109 01 00.

Contact Swedavia's press office.

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Application for permission to take photos/film