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Guidelines for taking photos and filming

Rules of conduct for taking photos and filming at Swedavia's airports:

  • There is a ban on photography at all security checkpoints under the Swedish Protection of Essential Facilities Act (2010:305). Note that taking photos/filming at or in the direction of the security checkpoints is prohibited.
  • It is important that passenger flows are not disrupted or stopped.
  • Do not take photos of or film passengers or employees who have not been asked. You are responsible for contacting employees beforehand and making sure that it is OK to take photos/film at their operations. 
  • Minimal equipment and no cables, large lights or canvas sheeting should be used when the production team is not escorted by Swedavia's staff.
  • The operations staff and department will be informed if you will be at the place in question during the time desired.

To receive permission for taking photos or filming, the above guidelines must naturally be followed.