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Swedavia to apply new airport charges on 1 January 2024

Swedavia will increase its airport charges for airlines and other airport users from the beginning of 2024. After three years of frozen charges or small adjustments the airport charges in Swedavia’s airport network 2024 will on average be increased with 12.5 SEK per passenger compared to 2023. This has been decided by Swedavia following consultations with airlines and ground handling agents.

The overall charge level at Swedavia’s airport network will be increased by 9 % as of 1 January 2024, corresponding to a rise of 12.5 SEK, resulting in an average charge level of 152 SEK per passenger. 

The following adjustments will be made to Swedavia’s airport charges as of 1 January 2024;

  1. Cost related adjustments in PRM-, Ground Handling Infrastructure-, Extra Opening-, Baggage Facility- and Terminal Navigation Charges,
  2. Increased take-off charge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Malmö Airport and Luleå Airport,
  3. Return to 2019’s terms for the Passenger Increase Bonus (PIB) program,
  4. Adjusted values for the CO2 Emission Charge.

Swedavia has also decided to continue the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Incentive for volumes exceeding the national mandate.

The changes will be reflected in an updated price list published on swedavia.com prior to the introduction 1 January 2024.

Airport users and ground handling agents who require further information on Swedavia’s price decision are welcome to contact consultation@swedavia.se