Consultations for new Airport Charges soon to begin

2018-06-27, kl. 08:01

The yearly process for new airport charges will begin in September.

Swedavia welcomes all airport users operating at a Swedavia airport to participate in the consultations. The central meetings will be held at Stockholm Arlanda Airport:

12 September, 1PM–4:30 PM
2 October, 1PM–4:30 PM
16 October, 1PM–4:30 PM

Following the consultations, Swedavia plans to make a decision on Airport Charges valid from 1 January 2019.

Registration to participate in the consultations can be made to, no later than 28 August.

In addition to the central consultations, meetings will be held in local user committees where topics discussed will be; level of ground handling and PRM charges, local investments, contract terms and technical specifications.

The dates for the local consultations are:

Airport Date Time
Umeå Airport 25 September 10:00–12:00
Stockholm Arlanda Airport 3 October 13:00–16:30
Göteborg Landvetter Airport 9 October 13:00–15:00
Malmö Airport 10 October 10:00–12:00
Bromma Stockholm Airport 11 September 10:00–12:00