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Swedavia’s Airport Charges 2018 can be introduced until further notice

2017-12-21, kl. 13:58

Following an airport user's referral of Swedavia's charges decision for 2018 to the Swedish Transport Agency, the agency has now made an interim decision allowing Swedavia to implement the charges decision pending a final decision by the agency. Such a decision is expected to be communicated no later than 23 March 2018.

The execution of the charges decision is made in two steps, the first being the harmonisation of the passenger charge from 1 January 2018 according to the following levels: 

 Passenger Charge         All traffic
 Regular  Transfer
 Stockholm Arlanda  89  53
 Göteborg Landvetter  64  38
 Bromma Stockholm  66  40
 Malmö  52  31
 Luleå/Umeå  51  n/a
 Kiruna/Östersund/Visby/Ronneby  48  n/a


The second step is the full implementation of Swedavia's charges decision, effective from 15 January 2018. The new charges are available in Swedavia's charges decision which was communicated 15 November 2017, click here. An updated price list will be published in the beginning of January.

For questions regarding this information, please contact consultation@swedavia.se