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Parking close to the terminal

Choose a parking facility close to the terminal when you want to be in walking distance to your flight. At Stockholm Arlanda Airport there are a number of parking options to choose from.

SkyCity garage – Premium Parking

  • Park conveniently in Sky City’s heated garage immediately adjacent to the terminals.
  • Prebook to get a guaranteed space.
  • Convenient parking in heated garage immediately adjacent to the terminals.
  • Ideal for business and weekend travellers.
  • Immediately adjacent to shopping, restaurants, other services and hotels in SkyCity.
  • Possibility of getting a car wash, detailing or a tyre change while you are away travelling.
  • Camera monitoring of entrance and exit.
  • Guards patrol the area.
  • Maximum height at entrance and exit 210 cm.

Walking time to terminal

  • 8 minute walk to Terminal 2.
  • 6 minute walk to Terminal 3.
  • 3 minute walk to Terminal 4.
  • 3 minute walk to Terminal 5.

Directions to the SkyCity garage