Waiting times at the airport for departing passengers have improved  and stabilised. There are mainly long wait times in the morning, when many flights depart within a short period of time.


There may also be wait times temporarily during other parts of the day. Periods of intense travel activity, such as school breaks and holidays, may likewise entail longer wait times. We therefore ask you to be at the airport when your check-in and bag drop open. You’ll find more information about check-in opening times under Departures.

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We reserve the right to make any changes. A change in departure time does not necessarily mean a change in check-in time. The information is updated every five minutes. Check with your airline to see what applies for your flight. Arrival and departure times published on this website are a compilation of information Swedavia receives from airlines and ground handling agents. Therefore Swedavia cannot be held liable either for the accuracy of the information or for ensuring that the information is up to date at all times. Swedavia is thus not liable for any consequences that may arise as a result of possible inaccuracies in the published information.