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All you need to know about how to pack and prepare your baggage and if your baggage is delayed or lost.


Different airlines have different regulations for how much baggage you are allowed to check in - check with your airline before travelling.

Checking-in of oversized baggage

Specific packaging is available for oversized baggage, including prams and bicycles, at most of the airlines at the airport or at the ground handling agents. Check also with your airline if there are any additional costs for taking oversized baggage.

How to attach the baggage tag

When you check in at the self-service machines, a baggage tag is printed out which you must attach yourself in the following way: Attach the tag in a tear-shaped loop around the handle with the bar code facing outwards. This ensures that the tag remains in place, and the bar code can be read regardless of which end of the tag faces upwards.

Baggage straps

Remove or tie any straps, strings or belts on your baggage before you check in to reduce the risk of them getting caught during the sorting process. Hard-sided baggage should not have any extra straps around it because they can slide off, and get caught during transportation.

Name and address label on both the inside and outside of bags

Do not forget to label your bag, preferably on the inside as well. If your baggage is misplaced, you can mention that there is a name and address label inside the bag, which simplifies identification.

Hand baggage

Check with your airline how much hand baggage you can take with you on board.

As a flight traveler, it may be difficult to know what to bring on board the aircraft. On Swedish Transport Agency's website you can read more about what to bring on board.

Technical changes in the screening of liquids

At the initiative of the EU Commission, the screening of liquids at EU airports changed on January 31, 2014. At Swedavia's airports, this measure was introduced in mid-January. The changes, in brief, entail that airports will now screen liquids using mechanical means, which has very little effect on you as a passenger.

It is important for you as a passenger to be especially careful to place all liquids you take with you through the security checkpoint so that they are clearly visible in a tray on the conveyor belt. This includes a one-litre bag with liquids, baby food, medicine, special diet food and any duty-free bag if you are changing planes at another airport.

You can read more below about what you may take with you or what may be screened or at Swedish Transport Agency's website.

Liquids in hand baggage

Containers with liquids must be placed in a transparent one-litre resealable plastic bag. Each container may hold up to 100 millilitres. You may take as many containers with you as there is room for in the plastic bag, and you must be able to close the bag. Examples of containers are bottles, jars and tubes.

Remove the bag with liquids from your hand baggage and place it so that it is clearly visible in a tray on the conveyor belt at the security checkpoint.

Medicine, baby food and special diet food

Liquid medicine, baby food and special diet food that you need on your journey must also be shown at the security checkpoint, but you do not need to place it in a resealable plastic bag.

These regulations do not apply to liquids that are packed in your checked baggage. Be sure to pack the liquids well. If there is any damage because a bottle breaks in your baggage, you will not be compensated.

Regulations for tax-free shopping and liquids

Non-stop flights

You may shop for tax-free goods in shops located after the security checkpoint and take them on board your flight, even if the jar or bottle holds more than 100 millilitres.

Keep in mind that regulations may vary for liquids in your hand baggage on your journey back to Sweden and to other EU countries. Find out what applies for your journey.

Flight from an airport in Sweden with a transfer in another EU country

You can purchase liquids in shops after the security checkpoint and take them in your hand baggage on your journey. Make sure that the shop seals the bag so that it is possible to ensure that no additional containers have been placed in the bag after your purchase.

Also be especially careful about the bag when changing planes at another airport within the EU: liquids purchased in a tax-free shop at the airport may be taken with you, together with the receipt, as long as the liquids are sealed in a special bag after they have been purchased. Do not open the bag before you have reached your final destination.

Flight from an airport in Sweden with a transfer in the US

You may not take liquids that you purchased from a tax-free shop in Sweden in your hand baggage through the security checkpoint you go through when you continue your journey in the US.

Flight from an airport in Sweden to the US with a transfer in another EU country

Purchasing tax-free items should not be a problem when you transfer in another EU country and take your purchases on your journey to the US if you are not changing planes in the US. Check with your airline just to be sure that stricter regulations do not apply in that EU country.

Flight from an airport in Sweden with a transfer in the US or other countries outside the EU

Countries outside the EU may have different regulations for liquids. So contact your airline to find out what applies.


Medical products

Liquid medication does not need to be placed in a plastic bag like other liquids. But remember to pack your bag so that you can easily show them at the airport security control.

Nonprescription medication

You may take as much nonprescription medication (lens cleaner fluid, cough medicine, nose spray etc.) as you require during the actual flight. But you can take with you the entire amount of nonprescription medication that you need during your trip away if you are unsure if the product can be purchased at the destination, or alternatively if it only exists in larger packages.

Prescription medication

You may take in your hand baggage as much prescription medication as you require during your trip away.

Narcotic medication

Certification is required to bring in narcotic medication

When bringing narcotic medication for own private use into EU/EES countries, you must be able to show a certificate that proves your right to take the medication with you. This applies regardless of whether you have the medication in your hand baggage or checked baggage. Narcotic medication includes many sleeping pills, tranquilizers and strong painkillers. Contact your chemist to get a so-called Schengen certificate issued.

Narcotic medication – different regulations for different countries

Contact a chemist or the Swedish Medical Products Agency if you unsure whether your medication is classified as a narcotic in Sweden. Narcotic classifications can differ between countries. LIkewise, the regulations that exist for bringing in these medications can vary from country to country. Contact the country's embassy for further information.

Worth carrying a doctor's certificate

If you are travelling from Sweden to countries outside of the EU/EES zone, you should contact the destination's embassy for information about which regulations apply for bringing in narcotic medication. You must be able to prove that the medication carried with you is intended for private and medical purposes only, with for example a doctor's certificate in a suitable language. You can also contact the airline with which you are travelling to find out what applies.

Delayed/lost baggage

Has your baggage been delayed or not arrived? Then contact your airline’s baggage service, that is, whoever handles their baggage at the airport.

Once you have landed at Stockholm Arlanda

If you have landed at Stockholm Arlanda, you should contact the baggage service at the airport for the airline you flew with. If their counter is not staffed, fill in a lost baggage form, a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), and put it in the box at the counter.

Please note: For baggage lost on flights from Stockholm Arlanda, please contact staff at the airport you flew to. That means you should not contact us at Stockholm Arlanda.

Below you can see what baggage service each airline has and how you can contact them.

Menzies Aviation

Telephone: +46 8 50 507 842 daily 9:00–21:00
E-mail: Menzies staff at Stockholm Arlanda arn.arrivalservice@menziesaviation.com

To contact staff at Stockholm Arlanda

Terminal 2

Staff are on hand in conjunction with arrivals. Push the button by the customs counter to contact them.

Terminal 5

Opening hours: Monday–Sunday 7:00–23:00
Located in the arrival hall. You will find their door and window counter before the glass doors towards SkyCity, after you pass the Pressbyrån news agent.

Menzies Aviation handles the following airlines:

Aeroflot (SU)
Air Arabia Maroc (3O)
Air Baltic (BT)
Air Europa (AEA)
Air France (AF)
Belavia (B2)
British Airways (BA)
Bravo Airways (BA)
China Eastern (MU)
Croatia Airlines (OU)
CSA Czech Airlines (OK)
Easyjet (EZY/EZS)
Emirates (EK)
Ethiopian Airlines (ET)
Finnair (AY)
Germania (ST)
Iberia Express (IB)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)
Royal Air Maroc (AT)
Royal jordaninan Airlines (RJ) 
S7 Airlines (S7)
Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Small Planet Airlines (UAB)
Smartwings (QS)
Transavia (HV)
Turkish Airlines (TK)
Ukraine international (PS)
United Airlines (UA)
Vueling (VY)
WOW Air (WW)

SAS Ground Handling

Telephone: +46 771-22 42 43, Monday–Friday 10:00–17:00 and Saturday–Sunday 13:00–17:00
E-mail: bag@sas.se

To contact staff at Stockholm Arlanda

Terminal 4

Opening hours: daily 8:00–20:00
The same counter as the service counter. Register on the computer located next to the counter.

Terminal 5

Opening hours: daily 6:00–12:15
They have a window counter in the arrival hall.

SAS Ground Handling handles the following airlines:

Air Cairo (SM)
Air China (CA)
Air India (AI)
Alitalia (AZ)
Austrian Airlines (OS)
Corendon Airlines (CAI)
Eurowings (EW)
Icelandair (FI)
LOT Polish Airlines (LO)
Lufthansa (LH)
Neos (NO)
Nouvelair (BJ) 
Novair (NVR)
Qatar Airways (QR) 
SAS Charter
SAS Scandinavian Airlines Inrikes (SK)
SAS Scandinavian Airlines Utrikes (SK)
SAS Interkont EWR ORD (SK)
Swiss Air (LX)
Thai International (TG)
TUI Airways (TOM)
Wings of Lebanon (WLB)


E-mail: baggage.arn@aviator.eu
To contact staff at Stockholm Arlanda

Terminal 2

No staff is on hand. Please contact staff in Terminal 5.

Terminal 4

You will find them at the same counter as the service office. When there are longer intervals between flights, there may be no staff on hand. In that case, contact staff in Terminal 5.

Terminal 5

Staff are on hand around the clock. You will find them in the arrival hall. Walk in the direction of SkyCity. Their window counter is in the wall on the right hand side just before SkyCity. Push the button to contact them.

Aviator handles the following airlines:

Aegean Airlines (A3) 
Air Serbia (JU) 
Ais Airlines (IS)
Amapola (HP)
Blue Air (0B)
Bulgarian Air Charter (BUC)
Freebird Airlines (FHY) 
Iran Air (IR)
Jet Time (JTG)
Lipican Air (LIP)
Luxair (LG)
Nextjet (2N)
Norwegian (DY)
Pegasus Airlines (PC) 
Sun Express (XQ) 
TAP Portugal (TP)
Tailwind Airlines (TI) 
Tarom (RO)
Thomas Cook Airlines (DK)

Telephone: +46 (0)8 720 00 22
E-mail: arn@asehandling.com
Website: www.asehandling.com

The following flights are handled by ASE Handling:
ASE Handling (Airline Support Executive) provides services for non-scheduled flights, such as business jet and VIP/CIP flights.