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Sample veggie dishes at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

2017-03-10, kl. 15:28

We invite you to sample different veggie dishes available at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Vegetarian food

Choose a veggie alternative the next time you fly. Not only will these veggie dishes give you new taste experiences – eating vegetables is good for your health. At Stockholm Arlanda, you can choose from 90 delicious veggie dishes at one of our 50 restaurants and cafés.

During Weeks 10-12 (March 6-26), a number of Stockholm Arlanda’s restaurants are offering samples of exciting, tasty veggie dishes in Terminal 5, Gate 1. Come stop by!

Week 10 (March 6-10)
Monday-Friday 11 am-6 pm

Week 11 (March 13-17)
RC Chocolat
Monday-Friday 9 am-12 pm

Week 12 (March 20-26)
Taste of Scandinavia  and Bejing8
Monday-Friday 6 am-4 pm
Saturday-Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Read more about veggie dishes available at Stockholm Arlanda here.