Read more about what’s changed if you haven’t flown from Arlanda in a while.

Check which terminal you are flying from
As a result of the pandemic, the development of the airport and a number of new airlines, changes have been made at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. So it’s especially important that you find out where your check-in is and where your flight departs from so that you get to the right terminal before your departure.

Will Terminal 4 become a terminal solely for domestic traffic again?
No, the terminal – the area for Gates C30-C44 – is now part of Terminal 5 and has both domestic and international traffic.

How long will it take to get between the gate areas using the new connecting walkway and travellator?
It takes about 7 minutes.

Why is Terminal 4 no longer a domestic terminal?
Integrating domestic and international traffic provides many advantages for people who are transferring – that is, changing planes – and now people do not need to exit one terminal and enter another one via the security checkpoint. It saves time.

If I land at Terminal 4, in the area for Gates C30-C44, why is there no exit like there was before?
Since we now combine domestic and international traffic in this part of the airport, all passengers must pass through customs in Terminal 5 on their way out.

Can people go through the security checkpoint in Terminal 4 if they’ve checked in and are travelling only with hand baggage (but are flying out of Terminal 5)?
Yes, that’s possible. No matter what airline they are flying with, passengers who have checked in and are travelling only with hand baggage can go through the security checkpoint in Terminal 4 to get to any gate in Terminal 5. There is a new walkway after the security checkpoints that connects Terminals 4 and 5. Staffing at the security checkpoints in all terminals is balanced throughout the day based on air traffic at the time in each terminal.

If I am flying from Terminal 4 and park my car there, what happens when I land at Terminal 5 on arrival?
You go through customs in Terminal 5 and exit through that terminal’s arrival hall. After that, you walk to your car at Terminal 4 via SkyCity. The estimated walking time is 7-10 minutes. You can always prebook your parking and actively select which terminal you want to park at.

If I arrive at the airport by car and are dropped off at the Drop-off point at Terminal 4, where should I be picked up when I return?
Since all arriving passengers exit through Terminal 5, you should be picked up at the Pick-up point for arrivals (Hämta Ankommande) at Terminal 5.

If I take the bus to the airport, where does it stop?

All buses arrive at and depart from Terminals 2 and 4 except for local SL buses, which arrive at and depart from SkyCity and Terminal 2. Buses do not stop at Terminal 5 right now because there is ongoing work to expand the terminal.