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Swedavia continues to develop and simplify travel

2018-02-21, kl. 10:08

Swedavia continues to develop self-service solutions to make air travel at Swedavia’s airports smoother. Automated entry gates at the security checkpoints are now being introduced across Sweden.

Automation and digitisation are high on Swedavia’s and on the airlines’ agendas. The investment in self-service solutions is based on passengers’ desires to have a faster, easier and smoother journey and at the same time enhance their overall experience at Swedavia’s airports. Self-service solutions also help reduce queues and optimise terminal space.

This week, Stockholm Arlanda Airport is introducing automated entry gates in the main security checkpoint in Terminal 5. Last week, Göteborg Landvetter Airport had its first automated entry gate installed, and more will be placed in service later on. During the year, the gates will also be rolled out at other Swedavia airports.

Swedavia has already installed automated check-in machines and automated bag drops. It now has the most automated bag drops in the world.

Passengers flying from Åre Östersund Airport in northern Sweden can drop off their skis in the automated bag drop. Automated check-in machines are also located at a number of hotels in Åre, which means that passengers can print bag tags and fasten them to their baggage before they even get to the airport. Combined with the possibility of early check-in, this makes the journey easier and passengers only need to drop off their bag when they get to the airport. As a result, the journey home from the ski slopes will be smoother, which is appreciated by both leisure travellers and conference groups.

“Self-service solutions are something that our airlines and that we want to introduce in order to simplify travel for passengers and increase the efficiency of our airlines. The new services are in line with what our airlines and passengers want,” says Elisabeth Axtelius, director of aviation business for Swedavia Airports.

For further information, please contact Swedavia’s press office, telephone +46 (0)10-10 90 100 or press@swedavia.se