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Smart start to the winter school break: five tips to make your trip easier

2022-02-16, kl. 06:00

During the annual winter school break, travel increases as many people take the opportunity to fly to the mountains of northern Sweden or to ski resorts abroad via Swedavia’s airports. Here are five smart tips that will save you time and make your visit to the airport as smooth as possible.

It is still important to arrive at the airport well in advance and have your travel documents in order as much as possible since many airlines use manual document checks for different destinations, which means check-in time may take a little longer. If you are flying from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, it is important to check which terminal you will depart from before you get to the airport.

1. Swea chatbot
Follow your flight and get notifications straight to your mobile phone if there is a change in details. You can also ask questions about services at the airport, such as “Where are restaurants that serve gluten-free food?”. Send a message using the airport’s Facebook page or the Messenger app (for example, search for “Stockholm Arlanda Airport”). You can also click on the Messenger icon on the airport’s website. Swedavia’s Swea chatbot will answer you right away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Arrive at the airport well in advance
When many people are travelling at the same time, it is good to get to the airport early. Ask your airline what they recommend for your flight. There can be traffic queues on the way to the airport or delays in public transport. Also keep in mind that many airlines continue to use manual document handling to check the passenger documentation required to enter different countries, which means check-in time can take longer. Check with your airline to see what documents are required for your flight and whether you can upload documents from home so that your documents are in order as much as possible. Many passengers also have skis with them, which can also mean that check-in will take longer.

3. Checking in skis
One of the most frequently asked questions during the winter school break is how to check in skis. You will find answers to your questions in this video: How to check in your skis - YouTube (in Swedish).

4. Attaching baggage tags
Another frequently asked question is how baggage tags should be attached when you use self-check-in. If you are not sure how to do this, watch this video: How to attach your baggage tag - YouTube (in Swedish).

5. Waiting times at the security checkpoint
Check to see what the current waiting time is at the security checkpoint, which is shown on the airport’s website, in Swedavia’s app and on monitors at the security checkpoints. You can also ask that question to Swedavia’s chatbot (see above).

Will you be flying via Stockholm Arlanda Airport?
If you are flying from Arlanda, it is especially important that you are there well in advance and that you find out which terminal you are departing from ahead of time. Today, air traffic operates from Terminals 5 and 2, and parts of Terminal 5 are being refurbished, which affects access outside Terminal 5. Information for people flying from Arlanda: Work under way at Stockholm Arlanda | Stockholm Arlanda Airport (swedavia.se).

Measures for a safe trip
Swedavia follows the authorities’ advice and recommendations on Covid-19. In addition, we comply with international aviation industry regulations, which means for example that we continue to recommend wearing a face covering at our airports. Remember that most airlines also require that you wear a face covering on board the plane. For information about the measures Swedavia has introduced for safe travel, see for example: Everything you need to know before your journey | Stockholm Arlanda Airport (swedavia.se).

A sustainable journey
At The change is already under way | Swedavia you can get more tips for how to reduce the climate impact of your flight. You will find information here about how even today passengers can choose to buy sustainable biofuel.

For further information, please contact Swedavia’s press office at tel. +46 (0)10-109 01 00 or press@swedavia.se.