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Passenger increase at Swedavia’s airports in March

2018-04-05, kl. 15:00

The number of passengers who flew to or from Swedavia’s ten airports in March 2018 totalled 3,470,000, which is an increase of about 3 per cent compared to the same period in 2017. International passenger volume was up 9 per cent to 2,259,000, while domestic passenger volume fell 6 per cent to 1,210,000.

The month of March also showed stable growth in passenger volume at Swedavia’s airports.At Stockholm Arlanda Airport, the number of passengers increased 5 per cent to 2,215,000 passengers. The number of passengers at Göteborg Landvetter Airport increased 4 per cent to 530,000.

At Swedavia’s other airports, relatively small changes in passenger volume were noted, except at Bromma Stockholm Airport, where volume fell 7 per cent to 214,000 passengers.

Traffic statistics for Swedavia’s airports are available in Swedish at www.swedavia.se under “Om Swedavia/Om Swedavia/Statistik”. https://www.swedavia.se/om-swedavia/statistik/

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