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Blasting work to affect the access road to Terminal 5 during the period November 11 – March 20

2019-11-04, kl. 13:34

The Arlandaleden access road leading to Terminal 5 will be closed temporarily for one to three times a day from November 11 to March 20. The closures will take place at 9:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The aim is for the closures to be less than two minutes. We encourage anyone arriving at Terminal 5 by car or bus at the times noted above to be at the airport well in advance since traffic queues may form.

Right now preparatory work is under way for the construction of the new pier, which is to be completed in 2025. In conjunction with this, the loading road to Pier F and the entrance down to nearby tunnels will be rerouted. Blasting work at the site will be under way from November 11 to March 20. Since the danger zone for blasting will extend across the Arlandaleden access road and the walkway from the P57 car park to the terminal, road blocks and flag guards will stop drivers and pedestrians at times when blasting is under way.

Impact on car and bus traffic
For car and bus traffic, closures are expected to be less than 2 minutes, but since queues may form, we encourage everyone travelling to Terminal 5 to allow plenty of extra time in conjunction with the times noted above.

Impact on pedestrians
For pedestrians, the closures will be somewhat longer than for cars and buses since the route between the flag guards must be checked to make sure no one is in the area when blasting is under way. Pedestrians will therefore be stopped before the road is closed to car and bus traffic.

No road closures during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays
The period of time and specific times for closing the Arlandaleden access road were chosen to minimise the impact on passengers and the airport. There will be no closures during the airport’s heaviest traffic period before Christmas. The last closures of Arlandaleden will be on Wednesday, December 18. The closures will then resume after New Year’s, on Tuesday, January 7.