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Ski charter departures to change terminals on February 24

2018-02-21, kl. 13:18

Some ski charter flight departures on Saturday will be moved.

skiier in hill

On Saturday, February 24, the following ski charter flights will be moved:

From Terminal 5 to Terminal 4

SK 7905, 08.55 to Innsbruck
SK 7857, 09.15 to Innsbruck
SK 7967, 10.30 to Turin
SK 7897, 11.50 to Innsbruck
SK 7585, 16.35 to Turin
SK 7891, 17.05 to Turin
SK 7885, 07.50 to Turin

From Terminal 5 to Terminal 2

TF8012, 07.45 to Salzburg
TF2010, 08.35 to Salzburg
TF8068, 08.45 to Grenoble
TF8004, 13.05 to Innsbruck
TF8064, 15.35 to Turin
TF8030, 16.30 to Turin
TF8032, 16.45 to Turin
TF8074, 17.30 to Salzburg

Saturday, February 24, is also the big travel day for the winter sport break, so people should be at the airport well in advance.

Here are the best tips in preparation for your flight.