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Pack smart and get to the airport well in advance for the Easter holiday break

2018-03-28, kl. 13:40

Will you be travelling during the Easter holiday break? It is a good idea to get to the airport well in advance and think through your packing while you are still at home. Then your trip will be as smooth as possible.

People at a self-service check in getting help from staff

Ski charter flights involve more baggage in the form of winter clothing and ski equipment. So it is important to get to the airport well in advance. It is better to have a little extra time at the airport to enjoy a cup of coffee or other refreshments in peace and quiet than to start off your Easter holiday break being stressed.

Some good advice for faster check-in and security screening:

  • No sharp objects should be carried in your hand baggage, and avoid items containing liquids as much as possible. Those should be packed in your check-in baggage.
  • Prepare for the security checkpoint by placing all small items such as your mobile phone, coins and other objects in your outer garments, which will be X-rayed. Take off your jacket or coat while still in the queue. If you have a computer with you, this must be removed from its case and placed separately on the conveyor belt. These preparations will save several seconds per passenger, which adds up to several minutes for the person standing at the end of the queue.
  • Skis and other bulky baggage must be dropped off at the special check-in counter, where you will need to show your boarding card.
  • Please note that your special baggage will arrive at baggage claim on a separate conveyor when you fly back to Stockholm Arlanda.

Have a nice trip!