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Connectivity to North America to substantially increase during summer 2024

2024-02-22, kl. 08:36

The connectivity between Sweden's largest airport and North America will substantially increase when, starting in mid-April, two new long-haul routes will be added to the existing supply from the airport. Both United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are returning and will operate routes from Stockholm Arlanda to Newark and JFK respectively during the summer season of 2024, making the total number of departures closer 30 per week with up to 5 departures per day, to the North American continent.

View from airplane

The news that United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are both returning to Stockholm Arlanda Airport are of great interest, not only to those who wants to visit family and friends or explore new places, but more importantly to the thousands of Swedish businesses invested in North America. Being one of Sweden’s most important markets for trade and export, a well-functioning connectivity is most vital to industries and companies alike.

During the summer season of 2024, Stockholm Arlanda Airport will have direct routes to several hubs in North America. Air Canada, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines will operate routes to Toronto, Montreal and New York several times a week starting on April 10th (Delta Air Lines), June 6th(United Airlines) and June 13th (Air Canada) respectively, in addition to the routes already served by SAS (Toronto and New York).