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“A Bad Deal” has opened at Stockholm Arlanda – aims to warn about pirate copies

2018-06-20, kl. 10:22

Buying pirate copies can be detrimental to your health, your safety and your wallet.
The exhibition stand "A Bad Deal" has now opened at Stockholm Arlanda in order to inform passengers about the risks of shopping for fake goods.
"Everything you see behind me is a pirate copy," says Paul Pintér from the Swedish Police Authority.

Together with Elin Maria Bergsten from the Swedish Medical Products Agency, he is in charge of the exhibition stand "A Bad Deal" in Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda. The campaign is aimed at informing passengers travelling abroad why they should not buy pirate copies.

"We will be here all summer," says Paul Pintér as he shows the way around the exhibition.

There are video games, electronic devices, toy construction sets, designer handbags, shoes and jackets. Nothing indicates that they are not the real deal.

"We talk about online security and everyone who walks by can touch and squeeze the items. We are also handing out this campaign bag," says Pintér, holding up a white cloth bag that says "Nej till fejk, ja till original" ('No to fake, yes to genuine').

Why is it a bad deal to buy pirate copies? Paul Pintér explains:

"People's personal safety and the environment are put at risk. Do your fake sunglasses really protect your eyes? What additives might be in the fake perfume you bought? Is the fake toy for your child free of toxic materials? These are questions that everyone should ask themselves.

Ten tips on how to avoid pirate copies when you shop online

  • Check the identity of the seller
  • Read the customer reviews
  • Check to see whether the website has a trustmark logo
  • Assess whether the website seems professional
  • Check the website to see what your consumer rights are
  • Examine the picture of the product
  • Examine the price of the product
  • Check the official website to see whether the seller is an authorised retailer
  • Pay using secure payment methods
  • Check to see whether the product has its original parts