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Taste by Nordrest

Taste by nordres

At Taste by Nordrest, breakfast, a lunch and dinner buffet, hearty sandwiches and salads are served. If you want something sweet after your meal, tasty pastries and cookies are available. Naturally, there’s also a wide selection of beverages. The chef always plans the menu based on the season, the composition of dishes and guests needs.

Map and Opening hours


Gate E6

After security



Time guarantee 5 min 5 min

Time guarantee

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, brown sauce, pickles and lingonberry.

Tasty bufft with dessert

The buffet always has a wide assortment of vegetables, vegetarian options and dishes with flavours from both Scandinavia and the rest of the world. Soft serve ice cream is available daily as a dessert and is supplemented several days a week with a home-made dessert such as apple pie, pancakes or Swedish sticky chocolate cake. Everything is included in the buffet price.

The café section at Nordrest has a bistro feel with a Scandinavian touch. The focus here is on sandwiches, pastries, snacks and good drinks. Everything in the café section can be eaten on the premises or taken with you as grab-and-go. Come drop by.