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Sky Market

Sky Market logotype.

Sky Market is a one-stop casual dining area with internationally inspired street food from Taco Bar, Pong Express and Mezefabriken. A world of flavours is combined with comfort and convenience for passengers here.

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At Taco Bar, you can enjoy Mexican cuisine. Taco Bar invites you to enjoy a colourful experience, with happy colours, a variety of building materials, blinking neon signs and a genuine Mexican atmosphere.

Tallrikar med tacos
Skålar med thaimat

At Pong Express, you can enjoy Asian cuisine in the form of Asian fusion. The space reflects clear roots in its modern Asian-inspired interior, and the brand’s distinctive orange colour adds to the playful, warm atmosphere.

At Mezefabriken, you can enjoy flavourful, spicy dishes from the Middle East. The interior has vibrant colours, with materials and a look inspired by Middle East culture, featuring typical lamps and textiles seen there.

Tallrikar med Meze