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Joe & The Juice

Joe and the juice

At Joe & The Juice, everything from energy shots to real juice meals, filled with superfood ingredients, is served.

Map and Opening hours


Gate C41

Terminal 5

After security



Time guarantee 10 min 10 min

Time guarantee

Two acai bowls with oats, chia, berries and banana.

Tasty and fresh alternatives

Joe & The Juice is the Danish chain that has made drinking juice a lifestyle. The fresh-pressed juice trend is taken to its own level here, with what is perhaps the most extensive juice menu in the market. At Joe & The Juice, juices are pressed and mixed by staff with a sense of humour. The personal service is special, but that’s also part of the concept. For instance, a little olive oil is used to make absorbing nutrients easier.

You can always order in advance using Joe & The Juice’s app.

Come stop by!

Glasses with freshly pressed juice, fruits and berries.