Joe & the Juice

There's juice, good juice and then there's juice the Joe & The Juice way. This Danish chain has taken the freshly-pressed juice trend to its own level. It's a matter of friendly service, lifestyle and above all the market's most wide-ranging juice menu. From energy shots to full-out juice meals, loaded with superfood ingredients.

Category: Café Gluten-free Lactose-free Vegan Vegetarian
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Juices are pressed and mixed here with a bit of humour, health-consciousness and organic ingredients. Joe & The Juice is the chain that made drinking juices a lifestyle.

The menu is advanced, with recipes designed for every need of the day. For breakfast, you can choose something invigorating, for lunch a filling re-build with avocado and protein. Or together with a ginger shot, for that extra energy kick.

The personal service is special to Joe & The Juice, but so is the actual method. For instance, they add a little olive oil to help you absorb nutrients.

Joe & The Juice also serves organic coffee and tasty sandwiches. You can pre-order using their app. There are two bars at Stockholm Arlanda, in Terminals 4 and 5.


Joe and the juice

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Joe & the Juice

Terminal 4 After security

Opening hours:

Daily – opens one hour before the first departure and closes in conjunction with the last departure from Terminal 4.


Joe & the Juice

Terminal 5 After security

Opening hours:

Monday–Friday 06:00–21:00
Saturday 06:00–19:00
Sunday 06:00–20:00