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Bergen is a charming old city with a youthful spirit. As you fly into Bergen, you will see the stunning cliffs rising out of the sea and the fjord surrounded by majestic mountains. In the Middle Ages, Bergen was the largest city in Scandinavia, and it wasn’t until the 1830s that Oslo’s population overtook that of Bergen. However, Bergen retains its status as an important port city. The dramatic scenery, a lively music scene, and a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere make Bergen a very popular destination.

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The Aquarium
Nordnesbakken 4, Bergen

Sea creatures can be seen in their natural setting at the Nordnes Aquarium. The aquarium has Europe’s largest collection of fish species and primitive marine creatures, together with basins for seals, penguins and sea birds.

Vetrelidsalmenning 21, Bergen

From the fish market, you can take the cable car up to one of the seven mountain peaks and enjoy the breathtaking view! The cable car climbs 320 metres up the mountain, and you can either take an invigorating walk down or, in winter, go down by sledge.

To Kokker
Enhjørningsgården 29, Bergen

A restaurant you’d like to take home with you! It serves typical, high quality Norwegian dishes in a picturesque building which is appealingly crooked and genuinely cosy. Try their wild Norwegian venison with blackberry sauce that is very popular with the locals.

Enhjørningen Fiskerestaurant
Enhjørningsgården 29, Bergen

References to the Enhjørningen (Unicorn) appear in documents from the time of the Hanseatic League. Nowadays it is a small, comfortably furnished restaurant that specialises in excellent fish and shellfish dishes. The mussel soup with curry, garlic and saffron is definitely worth trying.

Torgalmenning 8, Bergen

Galleriet mostly houses large chains such as Vero Moda, Benetton and Gant, but also has a number of interesting shops such as Lene V, which sells furnishings from the Designers Guild and Cattelan, together with several shoe shops.

Second Love
Østre Skostredet 2, Bergen

Second Love is one of the few second hand shops in Bergen and sells beautiful, handpicked pieces from high-end brands and designers. Every item you purchase has its own unique history. Come here to find your new favourite coat or hat or reinvent yourself completely.

Flyplassvegen 555, Bergen

Flying is definitely the best way to get to Bergen, but it’s a good idea to book well in advance. The Gaia airport bus service from Bergen Airport at Flesland runs every 15 minutes. The journey takes about half an hour, and the bus takes you to the SAS Royal Hotel Bryggen in the city centre. A single ticket costs 85 NOK. A taxi from the airport to the city centre costs about NOK 250-300.

Best Time To Visit

The month of May is event season in Bergen. If you want to experience a variety of different shows, live acts, concerts and exhibitions, this will be the best month to visit. While rainfall is also lowest in May, temperatures are the most pleasant in July and August; however, these months are also the busiest.

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