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The purchase of bio jet fuel

The air travel of the future needs to be fossil-free. But fossil-free air travel is not a distant utopia – it is already possible today. Since 2016, Swedavia buys bio jet fuel each year equivalent to the amount used for the company’s own air travel for business purposes. Swedavia is now inviting other organisations to take part in a shared tender process for the purchase of bio jet fuel to reduce the climate impact of air travel and at the same time contribute to the long-term transformation of air travel in the face of climate change.

Dekorbild för biobränsle

For many people and organisations, travelling by air is an essential requirement for keeping things in their life or operations working. Good access by air to every part of Sweden and to the rest of the world is necessary for a competitive Sweden. But regardless of the mode of transport, the travel of the future needs to be fossil-free. For air travel, a large-scale shift to fossil-free jet fuel is crucial.

At the national level, the Swedish government has launched an inquiry into bio fuel for aviation which, among other things, emphasises that the public sector may need to take responsibility for its travel for business purposes by using a mix of bio fuel. It has been proposed that policy instruments should be introduced starting in 2021.

What is renewable jet fuel?

Renewable jet fuel can be produced from forest waste, used cooking oil, household waste, algae and other materials, depending on where the fuel is produced. The requirement is that the materials must not compete with food production or harm the environment. Renewable jet fuel meets all the requirements set for fossil jet fuel. One impediment today is the lack of a well-functioning market.

We are stronger together

Through its tender processes, the Swedish public sector has the power to drive positive changes. In 2020, Swedavia will carry out a tender process for a contract to deliver renewable jet fuel to fuel aircraft in 2021, together with other companies and organisations. Swedavia takes responsibility for and is conducting the tender process for the contract, which will entitle participants to place orders. Swedavia’s commitment includes a volume corresponding to the amount used for all of our air travel for business purposes. Other participants in this shared tender process will choose their own level of ambition.

During the spring of 2020 organisations will have the opportunity to join the tender process and contribute to the total volume under tender. By May 31 at the latest, we would like the partnership agreement between participating organisations to be signed. The timetable is designed to enable participating organisations to include such cost management in their business planning and budget work for 2021. 

Proof of purchase for fuel

The contracted supplier will provide each organisation entitled to buy bio jet fuel with documentation that verifies its intended amount of renewable fuel and the emissions reduction associated with its use. An organisation that places an order under the tender can thus support this information with written proof and use the information in its own calculations, accounts and communication. If the organisation has specific detailed requirements on how this type of proof should be formatted, for instance, because of external certifications and programmes, Swedavia will provide this information so that the requirements can be included in the tender specifications. 

Great communicative value

Swedavia’s earlier deliveries received a great deal of attention since renewable fuel is such an important requirement for transforming air travel in the face of climate change. The ambition is to carry out a tender process each year so that more organisations can take part and the volumes of renewable fuel used will increase. As a result, we also show the world that the transformation of air travel in the face of climate change is already possible in the near future. Together we can contribute to fossil-free, long-term sustainable air travel.


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