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Swedavia’s traffic statistics for March 2024

2024-04-05, kl. 06:00

During March, almost 2.5 million passengers flew via Swedavia’s airports. International travel continued to show a positive trend during the month and increased by 5 per cent compared to March of last year, while domestic travel showed a weaker trend as a result of an early Easter this year, which resulted in lower demand for domestic travel. The strongest passenger growth in March was seen at Sweden's largest airports, Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter, as well as Swedavia's regional airport, Kiruna Airport. During the spring, the airlines will continue to invest in the Swedish market by adding new air traffic ahead of the summer season. This includes the return of Delta Air Lines’ direct route in April between Arlanda and New York.

"Demand for international travel continued to increase, while domestic travel was weaker, especially during Easter, with the exception of Kiruna Airport, where both international and domestic travel increased during the month. Our airline customers continue to gradually strengthen our range of routes and destinations ahead of the summer season, which is positive for Sweden’s connectivity. Air travel enables people to meet and benefits the tourism industry in Sweden while meeting the market demand for international travel for work and leisure, to meet family and friends and to create new experiences," says Charlotte Ljunggren, Director of Marketing and commercial development at Swedavia.

At the end of March, Göteborg Landvetter Airport inaugurated its brand new commercial offering, with more options and greater variety that includes 20 new restaurants, cafés and shops that are now open for the airport's passengers.

The airlines' summer programmes continue to grow, and more new routes and new destinations will be offered at Swedavia's ten airports. So far, about 14 new routes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and 8 new routes from Göteborg Landvetter have been announced for the summer of 2024 – with around ten new destinations, including a new route from SAS from Stockholm Arlanda-Seville, and Norwegian's new routes from Stockholm Arlanda-Bari and Göteborg Landvetter-Dubrovnik.

New routes – March:
Stockholm Arlanda-Dubrovnik with Ryanair
Stockholm Arlanda-Vilnius with Ryanair
Stockholm Arlanda-Bergen with Finnair
Göteborg Landvetter-Sarajevo with Ryanair
Gothenburg Landvetter-Brussels with Ryanair
Gothenburg Landvetter-Rome with Ryanair

New routes – April:
Stockholm Arlanda-Rhodes with Ryanair
Gothenburg Landvetter-Mallorca with Norwegian

In March, nearly 2.5 million passengers flew via Swedavia's ten airports, which is in line with the number of passengers in March of 2023. International travel increased 5 per cent to 1.8 million passengers, while domestic travel decreased 11 per cent to just under 685,000 passengers.
Total passenger traffic at Swedavia's airports in March was 76 per cent of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport served more than 1.7 million passengers in March, which is a 3 per cent increase compared to March of 2023. International travel increased 7 percent to over 1.4 million passengers, while domestic travel decreased 13 per cent to just under 293,000 passengers. Overall, passenger levels at Stockholm Arlanda in March were 83 per cent of pre-pandemic levels

Göteborg Landvetter Airport served nearly 374,000 passengers in March, an increase of 3 per cent compared to March of last year. International travel increased by 7 per cent to approximately 325,000 passengers, while domestic travel decreased 16 per cent to approximately 49,000 passengers. In March, passenger levels at Göteborg Landvetter were 76 per cent of pre-pandemic levels. 

The air travel trend at Swedavia’s other airports was mixed in March. Among Swedavia’s regional airports, Kiruna continued to show the best trend in March and compared to traffic numbers before the pandemic, with close to 27,000 passengers. After Kiruna Airport, Umeå Airport and Visby Airport were second and third, respectively for passenger growth in March compared to March of last year. Malmö Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport had the weakest growth in March compared to March of last year.

March traffic trend – number of passengers:

More detailed information about Swedavia’s traffic figures and statistics is available (in Swedish) on Swedavia’s website: Statistik | Om Swedavia                   

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