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Swedavia's passengers and employees donate nearly SEK 3 million to the Swedish Red Cross

2024-04-19, kl. 06:00

Passengers, employees and other partners at Swedavia’s ten airports raised more than SEK 2.8 million in 2023 for the Swedish Red Cross, an increase of SEK 1.1 million compared to last year. Swedavia has been partnering with the Red Cross since 2012, and in that time has raised a total of SEK 23 million for the organisation's aid and relief efforts. At a ceremony at Stockholm Arlanda Airport on 18 April, the annual fundraising check was presented to the Swedish Red Cross by Fredrik Jaresved, director of strategic initiatives and innovation at Swedavia.

"In a troubled world, marked by war, conflict and ongoing economic challenges, it is more important than ever that we help each other do what we can to create a better world. Swedavia is therefore proud of our long-standing partnership with the Swedish Red Cross, which allows our passengers and employees to easily make donations that make a difference in people's everyday lives. On behalf of Swedavia, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed to last year's fundraising effort at our ten airports. It is a proud and worthwhile tradition that continues to live on," says Fredrik Jaresved, director of strategic initiatives and innovation at Swedavia.

In 2023, passengers and employees at Swedavia's airports raised more than SEK 2.8 million for the Swedish Red Cross's relief efforts, which is an increase of about SEK 1.1 million compared to 2022. Donations include both monetary donations and goods from lost & found. At many of Swedavia's ten airports, both passengers and employees can donate cash at the Red Cross donation boxes. Both Swedish and foreign currency can be donated and one-hundred per cent of the funds go to support the work of the Swedish Red Cross.

"It is very gratifying to see that so many of Swedavia's passengers and employees are choosing to support their fellow human beings. This support is so important for our continued effort to meet the urgent and long-term needs of people affected by crisis around the world, to strengthen Sweden's preparedness for future challenges and ensure that more people in vulnerable situations will have access to food, medicine and shelter", says Patrik Nygren-Bonnier, head of communications and fundraising at the Swedish Red Cross.

Swedavia has partnered with the Swedish Red Cross since 2012, raising a total of more than SEK 23 million through Swedavia’s ten airports. In addition to collecting monetary donations from passengers and employees at the airports, Swedavia donates goods from lost & found if the property goes unclaimed for three months. The goods from lost & found are then sold in the second-hand shops operated by the Swedish Red Cross. The Swedish Red Cross is also able to carry out campaign activities and communication interactions at Swedavia’s airports at specially designated areas, and the Red Cross also assists the airports with crisis training and crisis support when needed.

In 2023, the aid and relief efforts carried out by the Swedish Red Cross have mainly been focused on the war in Ukraine, the hostilities in Israel and Palestine, and the earthquake disasters in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. In Ukraine, the Swedish Red Cross has provided expert support to help the Ukrainian Red Cross's disaster relief efforts linked to water and sanitation. In the earthquake-affected countries, support was focused on providing funding and expert delegates on the ground, as well as to increase the presence of personnel, primarily in Syria. To support the humanitarian efforts in Israel and Palestine, the Swedish Red Cross has provided support to sister associations in both countries to address the most urgent needs. In addition, efforts have continued to combat cholera and food shortages in Africa, as well as to provide refugee aid on the Mediterranean through its Ocean Viking ship.

For more information, contact Swedavia’s press service at +46 (0)10-109 01 00 or press@swedavia.se

If you have any questions regarding the Swedish Red Cross, please contact the Swedish Red Cross press hotline at +46 (0)8-452 48 20 or press@redcross.se