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Swedavia comments on media reports regarding Stockholm Arlanda Airport security

2019-02-25, kl. 10:47

Swedavia works continuously in partnership with the Swedish Police Authority, other authorities and companies to ensure the highest level of security possible at its airports and welcomes plans for a security clearances review and the improved sharing of information.

“Safety and security are always the highest priority for Swedavia. Passengers should feel safe and secure at our airports. Whilst we cannot comment on the intelligence report the media refers to, as being confidential, or the information as such, we have been and continue discussions to ensure the highest level of security possible at our airports. This is work is continuously carried out in partnership with the Swedish Police Authority and other companies and organisations,” says Mats Paulsson, Corporate Security and Safety Director at Swedavia.

At all of Swedavia’s airports, all employees who work in the airport’s restricted areas have been granted necessary security clearance. This also applies to suppliers and other companies alike, who have access to the restricted area of the airport.

“Everyone who works in the airport’s restricted area has undergone proper security clearance and background check with the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Security Service. If someone does not pass the test and is not granted the security clearance, then they simply are not allowed to work inside the airport area,” says Mats Paulsson.

Employees at Swedavia’s airports also undergo security screening on a daily basis when passing through a security checkpoint to enter the restricted area at the airport.

“Like society in general, we as a company depend on the background checks and information that the Swedish Security Service and other government authorities in the area can assist us with,” says Mats Paulsson.

Swedavia has a positive view of the Swedish Police Authority’s ambition to review security clearances schemes and improve the sharing of information between government authorities and companies.

“Security work must always be developed and improved. The work and efforts we carry out in security are always done in close collaboration with the Swedish Police Authority, the Swedish Security Service and our regulatory authority, the Swedish Transport Agency. Naturally, we welcome dialogue on these matters and will assist them in every way,” Mats Paulsson adds.

Facts: The following security clearance procedures apply in hiring employees at an airport.

  • At all Swedavia airports, employees who work in the airport’s restricted areas must obtain security clearance in accordance with aviation security regulations. This also applies to suppliers and other companies that have access to the area.
  • As part of the security clearance prior to employment, every employer submits an application for a background check to the Swedish Transport Authority. The Swedish Transport Authority then submits a security clearance report to the Swedish Security Service in accordance with section 14 of the Swedish Protective Security Act.
  • Employees at our security checkpoints work formally by order of the Swedish Police Authority, which is why, prior to being hired, they undergo a check by the Swedish Police Authority in addition to that described above.
  • Employees undergo security screening every time they enter the restricted area, often several times a day.
  • The Swedish Transport Agency, the airports’ regulatory authority, conducts continuous checks on operations and assesses how security at the airport works.