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Swedavia’s traffic statistics for July 2023

2023-08-03, kl. 06:00

The strong growth in summer air travel continued in July. More than 3.2 million passengers flew via Swedavia’s ten airports during the month, an increase of more than 14 per cent compared to July last year. As a result, for the third straight month more than three million passengers flew via Swedavia’s airports, and July is also the single strongest month for travel since October 2019.

The trend is driven by increased demand for flights to elsewhere in Europe from Stockholm Arlanda.

“Strong demand, above all for international flights to Europe, and airline investments in our airports have contributed to our welcoming more passengers overall in July and to travel figures approaching pre-pandemic levels. In seasonal terms, the month is one of our strongest and is important for our customers as well as for Swedavia, but also for our passengers who are visiting relatives and friends or flying on their summer holiday both within Sweden and abroad,” says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia’s president and CEO.

“So far, our airports’ operational capabilities this summer have been very good. That is true not just for Arlanda, where we also successfully placed our new state-of-the-art security checkpoint in service during the most intense travel period of the year. Over one million passengers have already enjoyed a faster, smoother experience at the security checkpoint, and in July more than 90 per cent of passengers spent less than ten minutes in the queue. We continue to develop our infrastructure and the range of services available to passengers and look forward to taking the first step this autumn in opening Arlanda’s new 11,000 square metre marketplace,” notes Jonas Abrahamsson.

Swedavia’s ten airports offer nearly 300 destinations this summer, and the range of destinations available at Arlanda is now basically back to the airport’s pre-pandemic offering. During July, routes were added from Arlanda to Montpellier with SAS and from Visby to Århus and Oslo with BRA. Further additions in August are Florence, Århus and Larnaca. All the destinations from Arlanda are with SAS.

In all, nearly 3.2 million passengers flew via Swedavia’s airports in July, which is an increase of 14 per cent compared to July 2022 and 85 per cent of the pre-pandemic level in July 2019. The last time that Swedavia’s airports had more than 3.2 million passengers was in October 2019.

The trend continues to be driven mainly by increased international travel via Stockholm Arlanda. International travel increased 16 per cent to nearly 2.7 million passengers compared to July last year, while domestic travel increased 8 per cent to nearly 600,000 passengers.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport had more than 2 million passengers during the month. That is an increase of 17 per cent compared to July last year, and international passenger volume was near the airport’s pre-pandemic level. Göteborg Landvetter Airport had almost 570,000 passengers in July, an increase of 14 per cent compared to July last year. The growth for domestic travel was greater in percentage terms than for international travel during the month.

Luleå Airport is the Swedavia airport that had the best trend in travel terms during the month compared to the pre-pandemic level and saw a sharp increase in the number of international passengers, but domestic travel at the airport also increased. Overall, travel increased 18 per cent compared to July last year.

The air travel trend at Swedavia’s other airports was mixed. Travel at both Malmö Airport and Bromma Airport decreased somewhat in July compared to the same month last year.

July traffic trend – number of passengers:

More detailed information about Swedavia’s traffic figures and statistics is available (in Swedish) on Swedavia’s website: Statistik | Om Swedavia.

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