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Stockholm is the third-biggest hub in Europe for global headquarters

2020-10-02, kl. 08:46

The capital of Sweden is home to 22 global multinational corporations, a figure making Stockholm the third most popular city in Europe when opening a global headquarter, according to a new report. Foreign companies account for 85 percent of all the headquarters in Stockholm.

With 22 global headquarters, Stockholm is in the lead in Europe when it comes to locating the headquarters of global large corporations, according to a new report by the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm. Only London and Paris have more than the Swedish capital and Stockholm shares third place with Amsterdam.

The Stockholm area is also in favor in the Nordic region when it comes to where the largest companies in the world choose to establish themselves. Of the companies on Forbes Global 2000 magazine's list of the world's largest companies, Stockholm has the largest share, 54 percent, of regional or global headquarters in the Nordic. 85 percent of the headquarters in Stockholm belong to foreign companies.

In order to continue to attract foreign companies, good connectivity is a crucial factor for growth. The report shows that, of the foreign companies with Nordic headquarters around 40 percent are European, 40 percent North American and 20 percent originate in Asia or Oceania.

“Stockholm and Sweden have long been the largest financial market in the Nordic region with a large proportion of foreign head offices, as well as many global Swedish companies. The report shows how Stockholm has further strengthened its position and clearly shows the need for an expanded route network to the US, Asia and Oceania”, says Elizabeth Axtelius, Director Aviation Business at Swedavia Airports. “Following the shutdown during the pandemic, there will be opportunities in the aviation market.”

Download the report: Stockholm as a global force – The significance of headquarters in the Nordics and the Stockholm region, by Invest Stockholm and Region Stockholm.