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New passenger record for Swedavia in 2016

2017-01-06, kl. 09:30

Swedavia’s ten airports had 39,512,000 passengers in 2016, which is a new record. That is a substantial increase of 5 per cent or almost 2 million passengers compared to 2015.

“It is really great that travel continues to grow so sharply. Air travel is an important prerequisite that gives businesses and individuals opportunities to have meetings and experiences. This growth also highlights the necessity of our ongoing investment to increase capacity at our airports,” says Jonas Abrahamsson, president and CEO of Swedavia.

Travel to and from Swedavia’s airports increased 5 per cent in 2016. International travel was up 6 per cent to 25,787,000 passengers, compared to 24,311,000 in 2015. Domestic travel was up 3 per cent, from 13,262,000 passengers in 2015 to 13,724,000 for the full-year 2016.

In relative terms, intercontinental air travel increased the most, 10 per cent to 2,253,000 passengers. European traffic increased 6 per cent to 23,534,000 passengers. In December, more than 3 million passengers flew to or from one of Swedavia’s airports, with an 11 per cent rise in international travel and an 8 per cent rise in domestic travel.

Seven of Swedavia’s ten airports set a new passenger record for the full-year 2016. Stockholm Arlanda Airport hit a new milestone, with growth of 7 per cent, to 24,702,000 passengers (compared to 23,153,000 passengers in 2015). Göteborg Landvetter Airport set a new record of 3 per cent growth, with volume rising from 6,162,000 passengers in 2015 to 6,375,000 passengers in 2016. Bromma Stockholm Airport passed the magic mark of 2.5 million passengers, with volume increasing 1 per cent to 2,505,000 passengers.

The other airports setting records are:

Malmö Airport, up 2 per cent to 2,219,000 passengers

Luleå Airport, up 2 per cent to 1,197,000 passengers

Umeå Airport, up 1 per cent to 1,059,000 passengers

Åre Östersund Airport, up 7 per cent to 495,700 passengers

Visby Airport also set a new “modern day” passenger record, up 7 per cent to 463,500, which is the highest figure since 1990. Ronneby Airport likewise saw growth of 7 per cent to 231,600, the highest figure since 2000.

Traffic statistics for Swedavia’s ten airports can be found at www.swedavia.com under Press and News.

For further information, please contact Swedavia’s press office, telephone +46 (0)10-10 90 100