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Ground broken for billion kronor investment in new airport maintenance area at Stockholm Arlanda

2016-11-09, kl. 10:00

Ground was broken today for Stockholm Arlanda’s new airport maintenance area. Modern, functional and environmentally sensitive maintenance facilities are now being built for the airport’s vehicles as part of Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s development plans.

As a result, space will be created for the new pier that needs to be built to handle the growing passenger volume – an important step for ensuring Sweden’s access.

The new maintenance area being built at Stockholm Arlanda, with its focus on modern standards, functionality and environmental sustainability, consists of some 15 new buildings and the renovation of one building, Building 898. That structure provides space for vehicles such as buses, ground handling vehicles and plough, sweep and blow machines and includes a garage, cleaning facilities, workshops, offices and overnight accommodations for operational staff on duty.

The maintenance area has to be relocated and rebuilt since the space needs to be freed up to enable construction of a new pier in Terminal 5, which is designed to handle larger aircraft for long-haul routes. A total of about 1.1 billion Swedish kronor is being invested in the project. The current facilities also fail to meet today’s requirements for the indoor and outdoor workplace environment, requirements that will be met by the new facilities. The maintenance area is being built where SAS’s technical base was formerly located – between the new pier that will be constructed in Terminal 5 and the third runway, alongside Lake Halmsjön.

JM Entreprenad has been awarded the contract to build Stockholm Arlanda’s new airport maintenance area.

“We are really pleased about being entrusted with the task of being part of this first, major phase in Stockholm Arlanda’s transformation. Our partnership with Swedavia goes as far back as 17 years ago, and this is one of many projects in this collaboration. By developing the new airport maintenance area, we also contribute to Swedavia’s vision of together bringing the world closer,” says Peter Neuberg, chief executive of JM Entreprenad.

A new utilities building is also being built in the maintenance area to provide district heating, district cooling and electricity. The contract covers a rebuild of 20,000 square metres and new construction of 26,000 square metres. A total area of 125,000 square metres is involved under the contract, which includes extensive preparatory groundwork.

“It is really exciting to begin work on the new maintenance area since this is an important part of Stockholm Arlanda’s development. As a result of our expansion and rebuilding, we can enhance access and meet the capacity challenges ahead. We look forward to our collaboration with JM Entreprenad,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Along with the brand-new environmentally sensitive maintenance area, Stockholm Arlanda’s development plans include a new pier in Terminal 5, an expanded security checkpoint and commercial space in that terminal as well as parking facilities close to the terminal. It is estimated that a total of more than 13 billion kronor will be invested during the period 2014-2043 to develop the terminals. The airport maintenance area is one of many components in the development plan for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which will ensure that Sweden’s largest airport has the potential to grow alongside Sweden’s need for air access.

The new maintenance area is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018.

You can read more about Stockholm Arlanda’s development plans here: Stockholm Arlanda’s development plans.

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