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Regional Airports – From the northern lights in the north to the sandy beaches in the south

Sweden is 1,572 km long from north to south, and 499 km wide from east to west. The total area is roughly the same size as California, 528 447 sq km.

While it seems to be at its most captivating during the summer months, the country is just as beautiful during the height of winter. Sweden’s popularity as a tourist destination is ever-growing but it is not only nature and culture that attracts. In a country with long coastlines, deep forests and high mountains, the landscape across the country is very varied, each region with its own unique personality. Some businesses, within ITC for instance, choose to establish themselves in the north due to the cold climate, and traditional- as well as startup companies are thriving in a flourishing business- and student life in various regions all over the country. Our network of airports connects Sweden together – and Sweden with the rest of the world.