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VIP Service – comfort and convenience

Do you want to celebrate something special, experience something out of the ordinary and a more comfortable way of travelling – book VIP-services at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Allow experienced staff to take care of all the practical details whilst you and your guests relax.

VIP Service

VIP-service commercial flights

Incl. VIP-room 1 h, check in/luggage handling* and escort to/from aircraft (via car or through the arrival hall depending on the flights gate).

1 person incl. security control in connection to the VIP-room & VIP-car to the aircraft
3 300 SEK

1 person incl. security control Fast Track & escort to gate via the transit area
2 000 SEK

Per extra person (up to a total of 5 persons)
800 SEK

Children 2-12 year
225 SEK

More than 5 persons
Price upon request

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VIP-service private aircrafts

Incl. check in and luggage handling*, escort to/from aircraft, excl. VIP-room.

1-5 persons
2 520 SEK

6-10 persons
3 510 SEK

Additional for up to 20 persons
225 SEK per person

21 persons or more
Price upon request

Meet and Greet at arrivals 

Escort from gate through passport control and customs (if necessary), luggage handling* for arriving luggage to requested location in the airport.

1-2 persons
Only hand luggage 1 500 SEK
With checked luggage 2 000 SEK

Additional for up to 5 persons
Only hand luggage 250 SEK per person
With checked luggage 750 SEK per person

More than 5 persons
Only hand luggage Price upon request
With checked luggage Price upon request

Additional bags (more than 1 bag/person weighing a maximum of 23 kg)
Checked luggage 500 SEK/bag

VIP express at departure 

Escort through the security control. Passenger can only have hand luggage and must be checked in upon arrival.

1 person
1 200 SEK

Additional for up to 5 persons
250 SEK per person

6 persons or more
Price upon request

Discount card

Discount card VIP express 10 times
11 250 SEK

Discount card VIP complete 10 times
22 000 SEK

Other services/additions

Crew transport
2 500 SEK

Sport teams
Price upon request

Additional price during night (00:00-05:00)
2 600 SEK

Additional price during night (22:00-24:00 and 05:00-07:00)
1 300 SEK

Additional cars (more than 3 cars)
225 SEK/ vehicle

VIP-room per hour (maximum of 10 persons)
1 900 SEK

Change of booking, less than 12 hours before departure/arrival (per change)
1 000 SEK

Booking less than 12 hours before deparute/arrival
1 000 SEK

For cancellations made 12 h or shorter time prior to departure/arrival the full cost (100%) of the booking will be charged.

We reserve the right to not accept requests for VIP-service if we are fully booked and to refer to the regular course of action (via the terminal/regular bus transport) if the flights scheduled time is changed. In the event of a change in time, bookings which are in time will be prioritized.

*1 bag per person, weighing a maximum of 23 kg

VIP Discount card

Buy a discount card valid for ten VIP-bookings with a discount up to 33 percent. For you who travel frequent and want your travels to be as comfortable as possible.

Discout card VIP Express 

With our service VIP express you are escorted as efficient as possible through the airport when departing from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. With a discount card for VIP express your discount is 25 percent off from the price if you pay for a single booking. The price is 9 000 SEK excl. VAT for a card for 10 booking.

Discount card VIP Complete Service 

For a more comfortable and discreet visit to the airport. You relax or work undisturbed in the VIP lounge whilst VIP services take care of your check-in and monitor your flight departure. When it is time for your departure, you are escorted to the aircraft in a VIP car. With the discount card for the VIP Complete Service your discount is 33 percent off from the regular price. The price is 22 000 SEK excl. VAT for 10 booking.

For questions or reservations contact the VIP service

Telephone: +46 10 – 10 93 320
E-mail: bokning.got@swedavia.se

Ordering your VIP discount card

When you order your discount card, select the payment and delivery that best suits you. The card is either sent to you together with an invoice, or you collect the card yourself at Swedavia's information desk in the check-in hall, and pay cash.

VIP service at other airports

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Tel: +358 (0)207 629 732

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Lux Airport (Luxemburg)

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Malta International Airport

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Munich Airport (München)

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Riga International Airport

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Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Tallinn Airport

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Vienna International Airport (Wien)

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E-mail: vip.vie@viennaairport.com

Zurich Airport (Zürich)

Webb: VIP-service på Zurich Airport 
E-mail: vip@zurich-airport.com


Monday-Friday 08:00-15:30

Telephone: +46 10 – 10 933 20
E-mail: bokning.got@swedavia.se

When the booking is closed the call is re directed to the VIP coordinator in charge.