VIP Service – comfort and convenience

Do you want to celebrate something special, experience something out of the ordinary and a more comfortable way of travelling – book VIP-services at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Allow experienced staff to take care of all the practical details whilst you and your guests relax.

For departures

Are you and your friends or colleagues planning to take a trip? Book VIP services for a comfortable and convenient start to your trip.
  • You and your guests are met by the VIP entrance at Göteborg Landvetter Airport – away from the terminal, and with the possibility to drive directly to the door
  • Baggage, travel documents and check-in are taken care of by one of the VIP coordinators.
  • You and your guests gain access to Airport VIP Services own, separate security control by the VIP entrance.
  • The opportunity to relax or work in the VIP lounge whilst we take care of all the practical details before your continued journey
  • Soft drinks, coffee, tea and free wifi are included.
  • Besides the lighter refreshments that are included, it is possible to order more food and drink (VIP lounge for one hour is included)
  • A VIP coordinator supervises your and your guest’s journey, and you are driven to the aircraft when it is time to board

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For arrivals

Welcome your friends or long-distance guests directly at the gate and take a seat in your VIP lounge whilst we take care of all the practical details.
  • In the company of one of VIP coordinators you meet your friends or guests directly at the gate when they step off the airplane.
  • Within a few minutes, you are sitting comfortably in a VIP lounge, whilst the coordinator takes care of passport and customs formalities. Lighter refreshments are included, but it is possible to order more food and drink if desired.
  • Baggage is collected and transported to the VIP lounge
  • If you would to stay longer for a meeting or celebration, a specific room can be organised for you (VIP lounge for one hour included)
  • When you are ready, your prebooked car may drive up to the entrance

Contact bookings if you have other needs regarding the reception of your guest.

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If you make multiple journeys in a year

We have convenient annual cards and punch cards if you fly frequently and would like VIP service.

We offer several different kinds of annual cards and punch cards if you are flying alone, are flying with friends/family or would like to treat a colleague to VIP service.

Contact us at booking for further information about VIP cards and prices.


Whether your need is to get you quickly through the airport or just want to relax a bit, there are services that suits you.

VIP arrival or departure with scheduled flights

1 passenger                                                                                                         
SEK 3 300 

Per additional passenger 
SEK 800 

Children 2–12 years
SEK 225 

Extra time in VIP-lounge
SEK 1 900

Meet & Greet / Vip Express. 2 passengers, handluggage only
SEK 1 500

Meet & Greet/Vip Express per additional passenger, handluggage only
SEK 250 *

Meet & Greet / Vip Express, 2 passengers, checked in luggage                       
SEK 2 000

Meet & Greet/Vip Express per additional passenger, checked in luggage     
SEK 750*                                                           

VIP-service arrival or departure with private jet

Basic rate 1–5 passengers                                                                                         
SEK 3 400 

Basic rate 6–10 passengers                                                                                       
SEK 4 500 

Per additional passenger more than 10 passengers                                            
SEK 350 

21 passengers or more 

Other services

Per additional reception when more than 3 persons                                          
SEK 250 per person

Per additional vehicles when more than 3                                                            
SEK 250 per vehicle

VIP-lounge  (private)
SEK 1900 per hour

Crew Transport
SEK 2 500  

Groups/sports team/special arrangements 

Re-booking, less than 24 hours before departure/arrival                                  
SEK 1 000

Booking less than 12 hours before departure/arrival                                         
SEK 1 000

Additional charge outside of regular opering hours daily 22:00–07:00      
SEK 1 900

All prices are VAT excluded.

We reserve the right to turn down requests when fully booked and to instruct people to use the regular procedure (through the terminal/regular bus transport) if there is a time change. In the event of a time change, orders placed in advance for which flights depart on time are also given priority. For cancellations less than 12 hours before departure/arrival, a 100% charge is debited.

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Opening hours
Monday–Friday 07:00–22:00 (booking 08:00–15:30 a VIP-coordinator will answer your questions while booking is closed)
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 08:00–20:00 (a VIP-coordinator will answer your questions while booking is closed)

Telephone hours for bookings and questions
Monday–Friday 08.00–16.30
Telephone: +46 (0)10 109 33 20


Handling of personal data

You will find information about how we handle personal data here.

Swedavia is the party responsible for handling personal data. If you would like more information about how your data are handled or you would like to correct or change your data, please contact Swedavia by email: