Travelling with animals

In general, small pets are allowed to be taken onboard the flight. Contact the airline with which you are travelling.

Rules for taking animals on flights

Airlines set their own rules for taking animals on flights. In general, small pets such as dogs and cats can accompany passengers into the aircraft, provided they are inside an animal travelling cage or case. Normally this cage must not exceed the maximum dimensions and weight permitted for hand baggage.

Contact your airline to find out which rules apply to your flight.

Keep the animal in a bag or a cage

Because Göteborg Landvetter has a combined domestic and Schengen departure/arrival hall, Swedish Customs requires dogs, cats and any other pets to be carried in a bag/cage in the transit/departure/arrival hall until they have passed through the Customs barrier. This applies to pets arriving both domestically and internationally, in part to reduce the risk of infection.

The number of animals on board may be limited

Remember that airlines usually charge an extra fee for allowing an animal to travel inside the aircraft. Inform the airline at the time of booking that you will be bringing an animal on board – the number of animals permitted on board is often limited. Larger animals can sometimes be transported as air cargo in compliance with special regulations. Contact your airline to find out what rules and charges apply.