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Passports, visas and ID cards

You must be able to show your identification when you are travelling. Consider that sometimes a visa may be required.


When you travel abroad, you need to show your identification, either with a passport or national ID card.

If you have a Swedish passport, you can get more information from the police, or alternatively contact your embassy.
Swedish Police website.

Some countries require that your passport is valid for a given period of time after your entry. You should find out what requirements apply in the country you are travelling to. Consult the embassy or consulate of the country in question.  


A visa is required for travel to certain countries. Contact your travel agency or the country's embassy for more information about visas and their application process.

Passenger security checkpoints

Beginning July 1, 2015, passport-free travel will be expanded to include the entire European Union and not just the Schengen cooperation area.

When you travel to countries within the the Schengen cooperation area, there will be no border check in conjunction with your arrival. However, some airlines still require a valid passport or national ID in conjunction with the flight. You will also need to verify your identity with a passport or national ID during your stay in the country you are visiting. We therefore recommend that passengers always bring a valid passport and ID.

For trips to countries outside the EU, border checks are carried out, and you must be able to provide a valid passport, as before.

Temporary passports

Temporary passports for Swedish citizens can be issued by the police at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.
Police at Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Note: New procedure as of April 15, 2016

Beginning April 15, when you apply for a temporary passport, your permanent passport will be cancelled, which means that the processing period is longer. You must therefore expect it to take a little longer to receive your temporary passport.