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Flying drones

Flying drones in the vicinity of the airport requires permission

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles have become increasingly common. Since aviation safety and security always have the highest priority, air traffic shuts down immediately if an unidentified drone is found in the vicinity of an airport – this has also happened on a number of occasions. Read more about how to fly drones in a safe and secure manner.

Flying a drone in the vicinity of an airport requires special permission from air traffic management on each occasion, and contact needs to be maintained with air traffic management while the drone is in flight. To contact local air traffic management, call LFV, switchboard +46 (0)11-19 20 00.

Unmanned aerial vehicles on the the Swedish Transport Agency’s website (new window, in Swedish)

Interactive map for drone pilots

LFV has developed an interactive map, a so-called unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV map, with detailed information and measurement tools aimed at drone pilots. On the map can be seen the extent of controlled airspace and where permission from air traffic management is needed in order to fly a drone. We encourage drone pilots to check the map before they fly and if they are the least uncertain about whether permission is needed or not.  

See the UAV map on LFV’s website (new window, in Swedish)

Unlawful flying – a suspected violation of the Swedish Aviation Act

Unauthorised flights with a drone are investigated as a suspected violation of the Swedish Aviation Act.