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Pack smart and get to the airport well in advance for your Christmas holiday travel

2017-12-13, kl. 11:05

The Christmas holiday travel season is getting under way in earnest at Göteborg Landvetter. 

Boy holding woman's hand at the entry of a terminal at Stockholm Arlanda

Air travel is the fastest, the most convenient and often the cheapest way to get to where you are going at Christmastime. And with a few easy preparations before you even get to the airport, it will also be the smoothest way to start your Christmas holiday.

1. Pack properly while you are still at home

No sharp objects may be carried in your hand baggage. They should be packed in your checked-in baggage.

Liquids must be well wrapped so that they do not start leaking since the passenger may be liable if someone else’s baggage is damaged. 

Keep especially in mind that many Christmas foods contain liquids, such as pickled herring, Jansson’s Temptation and ham packed in its own juice.

Always pack wrapped Christmas presents in baggage that will be checked in. If security staff do not see what the item is or indeed see that the package contains a set of knives, for instance, it would be a shame if Christmas presents had to be opened at the security checkpoint at Göteborg Landvetter instead of on Christmas Eve in front of the tree.

2. Prepare for security screening

Prepare for the security checkpoint by placing all small items such as your mobile phone, keys, coins and other objects in your outer garments, which will then be X-rayed.  If you have a laptop computer with you, it must be removed from its case and opened before it is X-rayed.

3. Arrive well in advance

Be sure to arrive well in advance. Not only are there more travellers who will be flying at the same time – everyone also has more baggage, perhaps including ski equipment and Christmas presents.

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