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Get a smooth start to your trip

Finally soon on your way! To get a smooth start to your trip we would like to give you some tips and advice.

Some good tips for your journey

Before your journey

  • Have a valid passport.
  • Check which terminal you're flying from.
  • Check in at home on your computer or mobile phone. You can print your boarding card or have it sent to your mobile.
  • Find out what your airline's size and weight restrictions are for hand baggage.
  • Check with your airline what the earliest time is that you can check in via the self-automated service machines.
  • Be at the airport well in advance. Find out what your airline recommends.

For smoother check-in

  • Check in using the automated self-service machines.
  • You will get your boarding card and baggage tag from the automated self-service machine.
  • Fasten the baggage tag to your bag and drop it off at the bag drop counter. Don't forget to take your baggage receipt.
  • Items such as strollers and golf bags must be dropped off at the check-in counter for special (odd-sized) baggage, where you need to show your boarding pass.
  • If you are flying with SAS, Norwegian, KLM or Air France, you can drop your baggage off at the self-service bag drop counter. Don't forget to take your baggage receipt.
  • Scan the baggage tag and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Your baggage is transported by the conveyor belt when check-in is completed.

Security checkpoint

  • Empty your pockets and place the contents in a plastic tray.
  • Remove any liquids from your hand baggage and place them in a transparent one-litre plastic bag.
  • Liquid containers may hold a maximum of 100 ml each.
  • Place outer garments, computers, large electronic items, keys, coins, belts, large jewellery and mobile phone in plastic trays.
  • Show liquid medicine, special diet food and baby food at the security checkpoint.

Self-service step by step

Choose an automated self-service machine for the smoothiest check-in. Consult your airline to see what the earliest time is you can check in. Do you have specially sized baggage such as golf equipment or a stroller? Then you need to check in at a check-in counter that is staffed.

Enter your booking reference on the touch screen and follow the instructions.


Your boarding card and baggage tag(s) are printed once you’re done.


Attach a baggage tag to all bags. Attach it to the bag handle with the bar code facing outward. Don’t forget to save the baggage receipt.


Drop your baggage off at the bag drop counter. Scan the baggage tag and follow the instructions on the screen. Once check-in is completed, the baggage is placed on the conveyor belt and you get confirmation on the screen.

Tips before security screening

Come well-prepared so that security screening goes
quickly and smoothly. Have your boarding card ready
so you can show it.

Remove your outer garments, suit jacket, headwear
and metal items like belts that have a large buckle
or jewellery.

Place your plastic bag with liquids in the tray so
it is can be seen. Empty your pockets of mobile
phones, keys and coins.

Place large electronic items in the tray so they
can be seen. Remove any liquid medicine, special
diet food and baby food and show them at the security
checkpoint. Sometimes you may be asked to take
off your shoes.

Finding your way at the airport

Terminal map before and after security control. Click for bigger size.