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A smoother start to your journey

With a few easy preparations you will get a smooth way to start your journey. Here you find our best tips!

Boy holding woman's hand at the entry of a terminal at Stockholm Arlanda

7 quick tips – follow our checklist

  1. Check your passport – read more about passports here.
  2. How big can your hand baggage be? Check with your airline.
  3. Check in at home – save your boarding card on your mobile or print it out in advance
  4. If you're taking your car – pre-book your parking here to get a guaranteed spaced
  5. Get real-time updates about your flight via Messenger.
  6. Download Swedavia's app – you can save your flight here and quickly see if there are any changes. App Store or Google Play
  7. Be sure to arrive well in advance. See what your airline recommends.

Do you know Swea?

The chatbot Swea

Say hello to Swea, our digital airport assistant, who provides you with real-time flight updates, information about shopping, restaurants and services. Swea also answers questions about your stay at the airport.

Send a message to Swea via Messenger – you will get a replay immediately around the clock.

Frequently asked questions

When should I be at the airport?

When a lot of people are flying the same time, it’s a good idea to get there well in advance. Contact your airline to see what they recommend for your flight.

Here are all the airlines at Göteborg Landvetter.

Should I check in from home?

Yes, if you have the opportunity, then it’s a good idea to check in from home so that you can get your boarding card on your mobile phone or print it out in advance. Check with your airline before your journey.

You can read more about check-in here.

What is special baggage and how do I check it in?

Special baggage is, for example, children’s strollers or pushchairs, golf bags, skis or bicycles but can also be backpacks with loose straps and bags that are either too big or too small.  

Contact your airline or charter operator for exact measurements and rules.

Read more about special baggage here.

How do I attach the baggage tag to my bag?

When you’re using a self-service machine when checking in, your baggage tag is printed and you have to attach it yourself.

Attach the baggage tag in a shape of a drop to the bag handle with the bar code facing outward. Don't forget to save the baggage receipt.

Read more about baggage

Where are the children’s play areas at the airport?

At Göteborg Landvetter you find a play area after the security checkpoint near gate 19A-B and also a play area at the baggage claim area.

Can I take baby food with me?

Yes, you can take jars of baby food and formula that you need on the flight in your hand baggage. You’ll need to take the baby food out of your hand baggage so that it can be screened separately.

You can read more about security screening here.