Security control

The safety and security of passengers, employees and partners always have top priority at Swedavia’s airports. 

In consultation with the authorities in charge of infectious disease control, Swedavia has ensured that the procedures being carried out at the security control are done so in a safe manner. In addition, other measures being taken include more intensive cleaning of trays and surfaces. Swedavia is monitoring developments and is in continuous contact with infectious disease physicians and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. 

Security checkpoint D (located at the B-pier) reopens after being closed since mid-March 2020.

Opening hours:

Mon: 04: 00-20: 30
Tues: 04: 00-20: 30
Wed: 04: 00-20: 30
Thurs: 04: 00-19: 30
Fri: 04: 00-19: 30
Sat: 04: 00-20: 30
Sun: 04: 00-20: 30