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Pick up at Terminal 2

When should I arrive at the airport?

For flights arriving from within Europe, we recommend that you arrive 30 minutes after the plane has landed. For flights arriving from outside Europe, we recommend that you arrive 45 minutes after the plane has landed.

Important things to keep in mind

When you need to pick someone up, plan ahead and arrive at the right time.  Check the airline and flight number ahead of time to see what time the plane is scheduled land.

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Questions and Answers

What signs should I follow when picking up at Terminal 2?

Follow the road signs for P Arrival/P Departing Terminal 2 (P Ankommande/P Avgående Terminal 2).  

Can I park somewhere else for pick up at Terminal 2?

Short-term parking is also available in multi-storey car park P21 or P22 closest to the terminal. Parking is charged per started hour and the fee per hour is the same as the Pick up car park.  

Things to consider when picking up


If you are going to pick someone up at the airport, do not arrive too early. After a plane lands, there are waiting times for baggage and for flights from outside Europe, arriving passengers must also pass through border control.  

Please stop and wait outside the arrivals hall if you are going to pick someone up. To avoid crowding, we ask that only arriving passengers come inside the terminal.