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Passenger record at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

2017-05-31, kl. 15:28

More than 100,000 passengers flew to or from Stockholm Arlanda Airport on Wednesday last week. That is a new passenger record at the airport.

Aircrafts parked at a runway

May 24, 2017 was the biggest travel day ever at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. For the first time, more than 100,000 passengers flew to or from the airport, a new one-day record for passenger volume.

There are several reasons for these high passenger figures. The days around the Ascension holiday are normally big travel days at Stockholm Arlanda, but travel was up this year because the UEFA Europa League final was held on Wednesday night at Friends Arena in Solna outside Stockholm, and many football fans flew via the airport.

"It is really great to have reached the mark of 100,000 passengers flying to or from Stockholm Arlanda in a single day. It was an intense day, and planning took place over a long period. I take great pride in saying things went fantastically well," says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

To make room for the increased number of aircraft serving Stockholm Arlanda, many were parked on Runway 2 (08/26), which was closed for take-offs and landings for the day. A total of some thirty aircraft parked on the runway for this day of heavy traffic at Stockholm Arlanda.

The last one-day passenger record was set in April this year, when 92,200 passengers flew to or from Stockholm Arlanda Airport in a single day.