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Big Recruitment Day at Stockholm Arlanda ahead of the opening of the airport’s expanded premises

2023-01-25, kl. 09:25

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is undergoing expansion, with air traffic on the rise, many new companies setting up operations in 2023, and services already established at the airport experiencing growth. Overall, thousands of new jobs are being created at Arlanda, but also at Swedavia’s other airports. To meet increased recruitment needs, Swedavia – in collaboration with its partners at the airport – is arranging a big Recruitment Day at Arlanda on January 30.

Air travel has taken off again after the pandemic, and airlines are making major investments in new routes and resuming routes that had been paused. In mid-2023, a new 11,000 square-metre addition at Terminal 5 will also open, which will include some 50 new shops and restaurants as well as a modern, expanded security checkpoint.

Before the pandemic, about 20,000 people worked at Arlanda, which makes the airport one of Sweden’s biggest workplaces. With the investments and modernisations now under way there, many additional jobs are also being created.

In order to give companies and other organisations operating at the airports the opportunity to introduce themselves and meet people who are interested in starting a job at Sweden’s biggest airport, Swedavia is arranging a Recruitment Day at Arlanda on Monday, January 30 in collaboration with airport partners. The Recruitment Day will be held at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport Terminal 11 a.m.–6 p.m. and is open to the general public. No advance sign-up is required.

A dynamic environment

Working at an airport and at Stockholm Arlanda Airport entails working in an exciting, dynamic environment. All the world comes together here each day, and many different market operators work in partnership to ensure the functioning of airport operations, flows and services. A lot can happen at an airport, and the workday here often consists of a combination of carrying out set procedures and meeting the needs and desires that crop up that day. Given the range of services found at an airport, there are jobs available for many people with different skills and interests.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is Sweden’s largest airport with by far the largest share of international flights. Although some 20,000 people work at Arlanda and about 600 companies operate at the airport, there is a sense of camaraderie among workers no matter who their employer is.

Representatives from Swedavia’s regional airports

The recovery in air travel is taking place all across Sweden, at all ten Swedavia airports. In addition to job openings at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Swedavia and other businesses operating at the airports elsewhere in the country are looking for recruits to fill positions, and information about this will also be provided at the Recruitment Day at Arlanda.

Here you can see a list over all participating companies.