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The American hamburger giant is a sure thing – you know what you're getting. Hamburgers, wraps, salads, desserts and organic coffee. The restaurant is conveniently located one storey up in SkyCity, with generous opening hours, from six in the morning to eleven at night.

Category: Restaurant | Vegetarian

The McDonalds chain is still the biggest in the world, more than 75 years after the two brothers opened their first restaurant in California. Most of us have our favourite burger by this time. But the restaurant often offers variation, with special promotions and guest chefs.

For one month each year, McDonald's in Sweden hands out quality children's and picture books. This campaign, a collaboration with the Swedish Reading Movement, has been under way since 2001. So far, more than 18 million books have been given away.

It's a fact that McDonald's hamburgers are made from one hundred per cent beef. Fewer people know that the milk comes from organically certified Swedish farms and that the coffee is both organic and freshly ground. If you eat french fries, you contribute to greener transport since the vegetable oil used for frying is recycled into biofuel.

Opening hours: Every day 6:00–23:00 
Breakfast is served 6:00–10:00 every day

Location: SkyCity

Dishes available: Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, chicken salad, vegetarian dishes, breakfast, beer (with 3.5% alcohol, served beginning 11:00)

Price class:
Happy Meal starting at 35 SEK
Lunch menus starting at 69 SEK
Salad menus starting at 71 SEK
Breakfast toast and coffee 20 SEK
Breakfast menus starting at 35 SEK

Time guarantee: Immediately

Telephone: +46(0)8 593 600 69
E-mail: Mcd-67@se.mcd.com

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SkyCity Before security

Opening hours:

Daily 06:00−23:00


+46 (0)8 593 600 69