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Caffé Ritazza

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At Ritazza, the coffee is the centre of attention. The espresso here is organic and prepared following all the rules of the barista art, and the food is prepared with great care.

Map and Opening hours


Terminal 5, Arrival hall

Before security



Time guarantee 10 min 10 min

Time guarantee

Coffee pouring from espresso machine into cup.

Caffé Ritazza at Arlanda

Coffee here is served in a variety of different versions and combinations, but if you’re looking for something else to drink there’s a wide assortment of soft drinks, water and alcoholic beverages. You’ll find food on Ritazza’s menu that’s simple but substantial. Fresh ciabatta, grilled sandwiches and pastries are all served here.

Caffè Ritazza is such a good idea that there are several locations at Arlanda. Come stop in.

An espresso in blue cup with biscotti and a spoon on the saucer.