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Rome, known as the Eternal City, has attracted visitors for over 2,000 years. It is one of the most magnificent and romantic cities in the world, boasting an attractive mix of grandiose sights — the likes of the Colosseum, Roman Pantheon and Forum — and bustling city life. Life is sweet: the cake is there for eating. Italian designer shopping, smooth ice cream, frothy cappuccino, tasty pasta and pizza, and exquisite wines to name but a few things that draw in over 4.2 million tourists in search of a taste of the Italian "dolce vita" every year.

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Piazza del Colosseo 1, Rome

Built under Emperor Vespasian in A.D. 70-72 and completed by his son Titus 10 years later, the Flavian Amphitheatre or the Colosseum is a massive stone arena, which at its peak, could accommodate 80,000 spectators. As in the movie "Gladiator", it has hosted violent and brutal displays of gladiatorial combats and wild animal fights, all just for the delight of crowds. Inauguration lasted one hundred days, and approximately 9,000 animals and 2,000 gladiators were killed during the event. Today, the Colosseum is Rome's most visited sight, which never fails to leave visitors awe-struck. Be sure to also come here at night when it looks even more magical.

Fontana di Trevi
Piazza di Trevi, Rome

Designed by Salvi and completed by Pannini in 1762, the striking Trevi Fountain amazes onlookers with its 26.3-metre (86 ft) height and 49.15-metre (161.3 ft) width, making it the largest Baroque fountain in the city and the most famous one in the world. Several movies, including Roman Holiday and Fellini's La Dolce Vita, have contributed to its fame. In 2016, Fendi chose the fountain as the stage of one of its memorable shows ever, wherein a clear plexiglass runway stretched across the Trevi Fountain. Some useful tips before visiting Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain: - It's illegal to fish out coins from the fountain. - It's strictly forbidden to bathe in the fountain.

Felice a Testaccio
Via Mastro Giorgio, 29, Rome

Felice a Testaccio is an esteemed trattoria, which has since 1936 been dedicated to serving tasty and original Roman cuisine. As you walk into this restaurant, you will notice many locals among the diners, which is always a good sign. Although all their pasta dishes, as well as meat courses, are delicious, most people come here for their scrumptious cacio e pepe pasta. Also highly recommended is the tiramisu, which is topped with melted chocolate.

La Pergola
Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, Rome

On top of the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, La Pergola – an award-winning restaurant with three Michelin stars – offers not only exquisite, gourmet Italian fare but also a breathtaking panoramic view over the city of Rome. The wine cellar contains over 50,000 bottles of wine, and as for the accompanying water, there are over 25 different kinds to choose from.

Piazza Fiume, Rome

La Rinascente is a slightly more exclusive department store, carrying many high-end brands. They have everything from clothes to shoes, perfume and accessories. After a long day of shopping, you can enjoy a walk through the close-by Villa Borghese gardens.

Galleria Alberto Sordi
Piazza Colonna 31-35, Rome

Beautiful 19th-century arcade with enormous cut-glass chandeliers and a vaulted glass roof, this mall was recently named after the very popular, now late actor Alberto Sordi. Various shops and coffee bars, but mainly fashion clothes, but also the book shop Feltrinelli, which has a wide range of guides and books in various languages.

Fiumicino International Airport
Via dell' Aeroporto di Fiumicino 320, Rome

Rome’s main airport, Leonardo da Vinci, is located in Fiumicino, 30 kilometres (18.5 miles) from the city. There are several ways to get into the city centre from the airport: Leonardo Express The Leonardo Express leaves every half hour in each direction and connects the Roma Termini station with Fiumicino airport. Tickets can be bought at machines, travel agencies, ticket desks and on the website. Train You can reach Rome by train directly to the Termini railway station. Metro The metropolitan train FM1 links the airport with regions like Fara Sabina, Orte and Poggio Mirteto. Please note that the Metro does not stop at central station Termini. Terravision Shuttle Bus This bus line takes you to the central station Termini.

Ciampino Airport
Via Appia Nuova 1651, Ciampino

The city’s second airport Ciampino is situated 12.0 km southeast of central Rome and is mainly served by low-cost and charter airlines. Bus Some low-cost airlines have their own buses. The regular buses depart from the nearby underground station Anagnina. Taxi A taxi ride from the airport and central Rome takes 20 minutes.

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