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Jewel of the verdant peninsula of Istria, Pula is the province’s largest city and forms a dramatic gateway to the seductive, crystalline waters of the Adriatic. Situated at the southernmost tip of the area, known as ’the new Tuscany’ for its bright medieval hilltop towns and ancient ruins, Pula boasts a rich and varied cultural heritage. The city is bordered by national parks, remarkable for their astounding unspoilt natural beauty, and is celebrated for its wonderfully preserved Roman amphitheatre and forum.

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Triumphal Arch of the Sergii
Slavoluk Sergijevaca, Giardini, Pula

The Arch of Sergius (also referred to as the Golden Gate of Pula) commemorates the Sergii, one of the most influential families in the early Roman colony. The arch stood behind the original naval gate of the city and was paid for by the wife of Lepidus, Salvia Postuma. Their names are carved in the stone along with Lucius Sergius and Gaius Sergius. In its original form, statues of the two elders flanked Lepidus on both sides on the top of the arch.

Aquarium Pula
Verudela b.b., Pula

Pula’s ever-popular aquarium occupies the floor of the city’s 14th-century AustroHungarian fortress. Highlights of the aquarium include the large sea water tanks that contain representatives of North Adriatic flora and fauna and a massive open tank that contains dogfish, sea urchins, crabs and star fish. Visitors can also take a boat ride to get a closer look at the aquarium’s inhabitants.

Stoja 4, Pula

Milan is a delicately lit, slightly formal restaurant attached to the pleasant Milan hotel just out of town in Stoja. The menu offers classic food with local produce and basic ingredients.

Pizzeria Jupiter
Castropola 42, Pula

Pizzeria Jupiter is one of the oldest and most famous pizzeria in Pula. This is a very popular pizzeria located close to the centre of town which specialises in square slices of pizza and offers a range of seasonal toppings.

City Farmers' Market
Narodni trg 9, Pula

Pula’s bustling central market is built in the heart of the city and is home to a wide range of modern and traditional shops. Under the glass arches of the 19th century iron framed covered market, you will find the area’s largest fish market, which is best visited early in the morning when the brackish catch of a truly vast range of seafood is at its freshest. Look out for Brancin (sea perch) and fresh Dagnje (mussels), which are specialities of the region.

Traditional Handicrafts
Arch of the Sergeii, Pula

Traditional handicrafts can be bought from a number of souvenir shops near the Arch of the Sergeii, and there is an annual handicrafts festival held in the Portarata square every summer.

Pula Airport (PUY)
Zračna luka Pula, Pula

Pula Airport is located about just 5 kilometres outside the city. Buses, shuttles and taxis are available at the airport for transportation to Pula and other destinations in the area Car rental companies are represented at the airport.

Public Transport
Trg I. Istarske Brigade bb, Pula

Pulapromet operates within the city centre and the suburbs. The area is divided in zones controlling the fare. Tickets can be bought directly from the driver and are valid for one hour. If you plan to travel a lot by bus it is cheaper to buy a bus card that you load with money. There are two bus companies that connect Pula to other cities in Croatia and Italy, which operate from the central bus station.

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